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This project is the Rackspace/OpenStack customization of the Docbkx plug-in for creating documentation artifacts for Rackspace, OpenStack, and other OpenStack projects.

Example output

Rackspace output:

OpenStack output:

OpenStack source files:

Test changes to clouddocs-maven-plugin

Note: When you commit, be sure you are on a branch, do a single commit, and do "git review" instead of pushing.

To test changes to clouddocs-maven-plugin on your local machine:

  1. Run this command to clone clouddocs-maven-plugin:

    git clone

  2. CD into the clouddocs-maven-plugin directory.

  3. Edit the pom.xml file and set the version number on line #11 to include -SNAPSHOT. For example, 1.12.1-SNAPSHOT.

  4. Make changes to clouddocs-maven-plugin.

  5. Run this command to build clouddocs-maven-plugin locally:

    mvn clean install

  6. Run this command to clone the api-site:

    git clone

  7. CD into the api-site directory.

  8. Edit the pom.xml file and set the version number on line #42 to the same version number as in the clouddocs-maven-plugin pom.xml file. For example, 1.12.1-SNAPSHOT.

  9. Run the following command to build the api-site locally:

    mvn clean generate-sources -U

    The -U switch picks up the local build of clouddocs-maven-plugin.

How Tos