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Latest commit 08f88a8 @smashwilson smashwilson Merge pull request #1158 from srirajan/master
New post: Docker, CoreOS, Fleet
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deploy Trust the correct publisher key.
docker Don't use ${HOME} because it broke for @rgbkrk?
elasticsearch Refactoring Ansible into top-level deploy/ folder.
full-examples Removing redundant comments.
src Merge pull request #1158 from srirajan/master
.gitignore Ignoring compiled Java classes.
.gitmodules Use @ycombinator's fork for sites-enabled goodness fixing a typo
Gemfile Include an explicit dependency on less.
Gemfile.lock Include an explicit dependency on less.
LICENSE Initial commit Readme too
Vagrantfile No need to rsync them git files. Avoid hardcoding full paths for Jekyll and Sphinx.

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