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#lang racket/base
(require (for-syntax racket/base))
(define-syntax (this-name-stx stx)
(let* ([p (syntax-source stx)]
[dir (and (path? p) (let-values ([(b _1 _2) (split-path p)]) b))]
[name (and (path? dir)
(let-values ([(_1 p _2) (split-path dir)]) p))))])
;; check that we are installed as a top-level collection (this is needed
;; because there are some code bits (that depend on bindings from this
;; file) that expect this to be true)
([void (lambda (e)
"*** Error: this collection must be a top-level collection"
(exn-continuation-marks e))))])
(collection-path name))
(datum->syntax stx name stx)))
(provide this-collection-name)
(define this-collection-name this-name-stx)
(define this-collection-path (collection-path this-collection-name))
(provide in-this-collection)
(define (in-this-collection . paths)
(apply build-path this-collection-path paths))
(provide make-my-key)
(define (make-my-key sym)
(string->symbol (format "handin:~a:~a" this-collection-name sym)))
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