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#lang racket/base
;; Minimize imports here, because `raco setup' has to load this file
;; and its dependencies from source
(require (for-syntax racket/base))
(provide command-line parse-command-line)
(define-syntax (command-line stx)
(define (id=? x y)
(eq? (syntax-e x) (syntax-e y)))
(define (serror msg . detail)
(apply raise-syntax-error #f msg stx detail))
(define (extract-one what args . detail)
(if (null? args)
(apply serror (format "missing ~a" what) detail)
(values (car args) (cdr args))))
(define (extract-list stx/list pred)
(let loop ([xs null]
[rest (if (syntax? stx/list) (syntax->list stx/list) stx/list)])
(if (and (pair? rest) (pred (car rest)))
(loop (cons (car rest) xs) (cdr rest))
(values (reverse xs) rest))))
(define (formal-names l)
(map (lambda (a)
(quote-syntax here)
(let ([s (symbol->string (syntax-e a))])
(if (char=? #\* (string-ref s (sub1 (string-length s))))
(substring s 0 (sub1 (string-length s)))
(define (extract-arg kw lst default)
(if (and (pair? lst)
(eq? kw (syntax-e (car lst))))
(if (null? (cdr lst))
(serror (format "missing expression for ~a" kw) (car lst))
(values (cadr lst) (cddr lst)))
(values default lst)))
(define (up-to-next-keyword lst)
[(null? lst) null]
[(keyword? (syntax-e (car lst))) null]
[else (cons (car lst) (up-to-next-keyword (cdr lst)))]))
(define (at-next-keyword lst)
[(null? lst) null]
[(keyword? (syntax-e (car lst))) lst]
[else (at-next-keyword (cdr lst))]))
(define (check-ok-flag flag)
(unless (regexp-match? #rx"^([-+][^-+]$|(--|[+][+])[^-+])" (syntax-e flag))
(serror "bad flag string" flag))
(when (regexp-match? #rx"^[-+][0-9]$" (syntax-e flag))
(serror "number flag not allowed" flag))
(when (regexp-match? #rx"^(-h|--help)$" (syntax-e flag))
(serror "pre-defined flag not allowed" flag)))
(let ([lst (syntax->list stx)])
(unless lst
(raise-syntax-error #f "bad syntax (misuse of `.')" stx))
(let*-values ([(lst) (cdr lst)]
[(prog-name-expr lst)
(extract-arg '#:program lst #'(find-system-path 'run-file))]
[(argv-expr lst)
(extract-arg '#:argv lst #'(current-command-line-arguments))])
(let-values ([(table args)
(let loop ([lst lst] [accum null])
(if (null? lst)
(loop (syntax->list #'(#:args () (void))) accum)
(let ([a (syntax-e (car lst))]
[pieces (up-to-next-keyword (cdr lst))])
(case a
(for ([x (in-list pieces)])
(unless (string? (syntax-e x))
(serror "#:usage-help clause contains non-string"
(loop (at-next-keyword (cdr lst))
(cons (list* #'list #`(quote usage-help) pieces)
(for ([x (in-list pieces)])
(unless (string? (syntax-e x))
(serror "#:help-labels clause contains non-string"
(loop (at-next-keyword (cdr lst))
(cons (list* #'list #`(quote help-labels) pieces)
(for ([x (in-list pieces)])
(unless (string? (syntax-e x))
(serror "#:ps clause contains non-string"
(loop (at-next-keyword (cdr lst))
(cons (list* #'list #`(quote ps) pieces)
[(#:once-each #:once-any #:multi #:final)
(let ([sublines
(let slloop ([sublines pieces])
(if (null? sublines)
(with-syntax ([looped (slloop (cdr sublines))]
(syntax-case (car sublines) ()
[((flag ...) . rest)
(let ([flags (syntax->list #'(flag ...))])
(unless (andmap
(lambda (x) (string? (syntax-e x)))
"flag specification is not a string or sequence of strings"
(syntax-case (car sublines) ()
[(flags . rest)
(for-each check-ok-flag flags)
#'(flag ...))]
[(flag . rest)
(string? (syntax-e #'flag))
(check-ok-flag #'flag)
(serror "clause does not start with flags")])])
(syntax-case* (car sublines) (=>) id=?
[(_ => a b)
#'(list 'flags a b)]
[(_ rest ...)
(let*-values ([(formals rest)
(extract-list #'(rest ...) identifier?)]
[(helps rest)
[(not (pair? rest))
(serror "missing help string(s)" (car sublines))]
[(string? (syntax-e (car rest)))
(values (list (car rest)) (cdr rest))]
[(syntax->list (car rest))
=> (lambda (l)
(values l (cdr rest)))]
(serror "missing help string(s)" (car sublines))])]
[(expr1 rest)
"handler body expressions" rest (car sublines))])
(with-syntax ([formals formals]
[formal-names (formal-names formals)]
[helps helps]
[expr1 expr1]
[rest rest])
#'(list 'flags
(lambda (flag . formals) expr1 . rest)
(cons (list . helps) 'formal-names))))]))])
#'(subline . looped))))])
(loop (at-next-keyword (cdr lst))
(cons (list* #'list
#`(quote #,(string->symbol (keyword->string a)))
(when (null? pieces)
(serror "#:args clause missing formals" (car lst)))
(let ([formal-names
(let loop ([f (car pieces)])
(syntax-case f ()
[() null]
[(arg . rest)
(identifier? #'arg)
(cons #'arg (loop #'rest))]
[([arg def] . rest)
(identifier? #'arg)
(cons #'[arg def] (loop #'rest))]
(identifier? #'arg)
(list #'arg)]
(serror "bad formals for #:args" (car pieces))]))])
(when (null? (cdr pieces))
(serror "#:args clause missing body after formals" (car lst)))
(unless (null? (at-next-keyword (cdr lst)))
(serror "#:args must not be followed by another keyword" (car lst)))
(with-syntax ([formals (car pieces)]
[formal-names (map (lambda (x)
(let ([d (syntax->datum x)])
(if (pair? d) (car d) d))))
[body (cdr pieces)])
(values (reverse accum)
(list #'(lambda (accume . formals) . body)
(syntax 'formal-names)))))]
(let ([len (length pieces)])
(when (len . < . 1)
(serror "missing finish-proc expression for #:handlers" (car lst)))
(when (len . < . 2)
(serror "missing arg-strings expression for #:handlers" (car lst)))
(when (len . > . 4)
(let ([e (list-ref pieces 4)])
(if (keyword? (syntax-e e))
(serror "#:handlers must not be followed by another keyword" e)
(serror "unexpected expression for #:handlers" e)))))
(values (reverse accum) pieces)]
(serror "expected a clause keyword, such as #:multi or #:args" (car lst))]))))])
(with-syntax ([program-name prog-name-expr]
[argv argv-expr]
[table table]
[args args])
#'(parse-command-line program-name argv (list . table) . args))))))
(define (print-args port l f)
(let loop ([l l]
[n 1])
(unless (null? l)
(define optional? (procedure-arity-includes? f n))
(fprintf port " ~a<~a>~a"
(if optional? "[" "")
(car l)
(if optional? "]" ""))
(when (and (null? (cdr l))
(procedure-arity-includes? f (+ n 2)))
(fprintf port " ..."))
(loop (cdr l) (add1 n)))))
(define (procedure-arity-includes-at-least? p n)
(let a-c ([a (procedure-arity p)])
(cond [(number? a) (>= a n)]
[(arity-at-least? a) #t]
[else (ormap a-c a)])))
(define (program-name program)
(string->symbol (if (path? program)
(let-values ([(base name dir?) (split-path program)])
(if (path? name)
(path-element->string name)
(path->string program)))
(define (parse-command-line
program arguments0 table finish finish-help
[help (lambda (s) (display s) (exit 0))]
[unknown-flag (lambda (flag)
(raise-user-error (program-name program)
"unknown switch: ~a" flag))])
(define arguments
(if (vector? arguments0) (vector->list arguments0) arguments0))
(define (bad-table fmt . args)
(format "table as a list of flag-list/procedure pairs (~a)"
(apply format fmt args))
(unless (or (string? program) (path? program))
(raise-type-error 'parse-command-line "program name string" program))
(unless (and (list? arguments)
(andmap string? arguments))
(raise-type-error 'parse-command-line "argument vector/list of strings"
(unless (list? table)
(raise-type-error 'parse-command-line "table of spec sets" table))
(for ([spec (in-list table)])
(unless (and (list? spec) (pair? spec))
(bad-table "spec-set must be a non-empty list: ~a" spec))
(unless (memq (car spec) '(once-any once-each multi final help-labels usage-help ps))
(bad-table "spec-set type must be 'once-any, 'once-each, 'multi, 'final, 'help-labels, 'usage-help, or 'ps: ~a"
(car spec)))
(for ([line (in-list (cdr spec))])
(if (memq (car spec) '(help-labels ps usage-help))
(unless (string? line)
(bad-table "~a line must be a string: ~e" (car spec) line))
(unless (and (list? line) (= (length line) 3))
(bad-table "spec-line must be a list of three or four items: ~e" line))
(unless (list? (car line))
(bad-table "flags part of a spec-line must be a list: ~e" (car line)))
(for ([flag (in-list (car line))])
(unless (string? flag)
(bad-table "flag must be a string: ~e" flag))
(unless (regexp-match? #rx"^([-+][^-+]$|(--|[+][+])[^-+])" flag)
(bad-table "no ill-formed flags: ~e" flag))
(when (regexp-match? #rx"^[-+][0-9]*([.][0-9]*)?$" flag)
(bad-table "no ill-formed flags: ~e" flag))
(when (regexp-match? #rx"^(-h|--help)$" flag)
(bad-table "no pre-defined flags: ~e" flag)))
(unless (procedure? (cadr line))
(bad-table "second item in a spec-line must be a procedure: ~e"
(cadr line)))
(let ([a (procedure-arity (cadr line))]
[h (caddr line)]
[l (length (caddr line))])
[(number? a)
(unless (>= a 1)
(bad-table "flag handler procedure must take at least 1 argument: ~e"
(cadr line)))]
[(not (arity-at-least? a))
(bad-table "flag handler procedure cannot have multiple cases: ~e"
(cadr line))])
(unless (and (pair? h)
(or (string? (car h)) (andmap string? (car h)))
(andmap string? (cdr h)))
(bad-table "spec-line help section must be ~a"
"a list of string-or-string-list and strings"))
(unless (if (number? a)
(= a l)
(and (>= l 1) (>= l (arity-at-least-value a))))
(bad-table "spec-line help list strings must match procedure arguments")))))))
(unless (and (procedure? finish)
(procedure-arity-includes-at-least? finish 1))
(raise-type-error 'parse-command-line "finish procedure accepting at least 1 argument" finish))
(unless (and (list? finish-help) (andmap string? finish-help))
(raise-type-error 'parse-command-line "argument help list of strings" finish-help))
(unless (and (procedure? help) (procedure-arity-includes? help 1))
(raise-type-error 'parse-command-line "help procedure of arity 1" help))
(unless (and (procedure? unknown-flag) (procedure-arity-includes? unknown-flag 1)
(let ([a (procedure-arity unknown-flag)])
(or (number? a) (arity-at-least? a))))
(raise-type-error 'parse-command-line "unknown-flag procedure of simple arity, accepting 1 argument (an perhaps more)" unknown-flag))
(unless (procedure-arity-includes? finish (add1 (length finish-help)))
(raise-arguments-error 'parse-command-line
"mismatch in length of argument help string and finish procedure arity"
"argument help string" finish-help
"finish procedure" finish))
(let* ([finalled? #f] ; set to true when 'once-final is seen
(lambda (lines)
(let ([set (mcons #f (apply append (map car lines)))])
(lambda (line) (cons set line))
[first? (lambda (x lst)
(and (pair? lst) (eq? x (car lst))))]
[last? (lambda (x lst)
(and (pair? lst)
(let loop ([l lst])
(if (pair? (cdr l))
(loop (cdr l))
(eq? x (car l))))))]
;; list of (list <once-set> <spec-line> ...)
;; If <once-set> is #f, then flags in <spec-line> are allowed
;; any number of times.
;; If <once-set> is 'final, then its like #f, and `finalled?' should
;; be set.
;; Otherwise, <once-set> is (mcons <bool> (list <string> ...)) where <bool>
;; starts as #f and is mutated to #t when one of <string> is
;; matched.
(list #f
(list "--help" "-h")
(lambda (f)
(let ([sp (open-output-string)])
(fprintf sp "~a [ <option> ... ]" (program-name program))
(print-args sp finish-help finish)
(for ([set (in-list table)]
#:when (eq? (car set) 'usage-help))
(for ([line (in-list (cdr set))])
(fprintf sp "\n ~a" line)))
(fprintf sp "\n where <option> is one of\n")
(for ([set (in-list table)] ; the original table
#:unless (memq (car set) '(ps usage-help)))
(if (eq? (car set) 'help-labels)
(for ([line (in-list (cdr set))])
(fprintf sp " ~a\n" line))
(for ([line (in-list (cdr set))])
(let* ([helps (caaddr line)]
[helps (if (string? helps) (list helps) helps)])
(for ([help (in-list helps)])
(fprintf sp
(cond [(and (eq? (car set) 'once-any)
(pair? (cddr set)))
[(and (first? line (cdr set))
(first? help helps))
[(and (last? line (cdr set))
(last? help helps))
[else "|"])]
[(and (memq (car set) '(multi final))
(first? help helps))
[else " "]))
(if (first? help helps)
(let loop ([flags (car line)])
(let ([flag (car flags)])
(fprintf sp " ~a" flag)
(print-args sp (cdaddr line) (cadr line)))
(unless (null? (cdr flags))
(fprintf sp ",")
(loop (cdr flags))))
(fprintf sp " :"))
(fprintf sp " "))
(fprintf sp " ~a\n" help))))))
(fprintf sp " --help, -h : Show this help\n")
(fprintf sp " -- : Do not treat any remaining argument as a switch (at this level)\n")
(when (or (assq 'multi table) (assq 'final table))
(fprintf sp " * Asterisks indicate options allowed multiple times.\n"))
(when (assq 'once-any table)
(fprintf sp " /|\\ Brackets indicate mutually exclusive options.\n"))
(fprintf sp " Multiple single-letter switches can be combined after one `-'; for\n")
(fprintf sp " example: `-h-' is the same as `-h --'\n")
(for ([set (in-list table)] ; the original table
#:when (eq? (car set) 'ps))
(for ([line (in-list (cdr set))])
(fprintf sp " ~a\n" line)))
(help (get-output-string sp))))
(list "Help")))
(for/list ([spec (in-list table)])
[(eq? (car spec) 'once-each)
(map (lambda (line) (once-spec-set (list line)))
(cdr spec)))]
[(eq? (car spec) 'once-any)
(once-spec-set (cdr spec))]
[(eq? (car spec) 'usage-help)
[(eq? (car spec) 'help-labels)
[(eq? (car spec) 'ps)
[(eq? (car spec) 'multi)
(lambda (line) (cons #f line))
(cdr spec))]
[(eq? (car spec) 'final)
(lambda (line) (cons 'final line))
(cdr spec))])))]
(lambda (args r-acc)
(let ([options (reverse r-acc)]
[c (length args)])
(if (procedure-arity-includes? finish (add1 c))
(apply finish options args)
(program-name program)
"expects~a on the command line, given ~a argument~a~a"
(if (null? finish-help)
" no arguments"
(let ([s (open-output-string)])
(parameterize ([current-output-port s])
(print-args s finish-help finish))
(let ([s (get-output-string s)])
(if (equal? 2 (procedure-arity finish))
(format " 1~a" s)
(cond [(zero? c) "s"] [(= c 1) ": "] [else "s: "])
(let loop ([args args])
(if (null? args)
(string-append (car args) " " (loop (cdr args)))))))))]
(lambda (handler flag args r-acc k)
(let* ([a (procedure-arity handler)]
[remaining (length args)]
[needed (if (number? a)
(sub1 a)
(sub1 (arity-at-least-value a)))]
[use (if (number? a)
(sub1 a)
(if (< remaining needed)
(raise-user-error (program-name program)
"the ~s option needs ~a argument~a, but ~a~a provided"
flag needed (if (> needed 1) "s" "")
(if (zero? remaining) "" "only ")
(let ([v (apply handler
(let loop ([n use][args args])
(if (zero? n)
(cons (car args)
(loop (sub1 n) (cdr args))))))])
(k (list-tail args use)
(if (void? v) r-acc (cons v r-acc)))))))]
(lambda (flag args r-acc orig-multi k)
(let loop ([table table])
[(null? table)
(call-handler unknown-flag flag args r-acc k)]
[(member flag (cadar table))
(when (eq? 'final (caar table))
(set! finalled? #t))
(when (mpair? (caar table))
(let ([set (caar table)])
(if (mcar set)
(let ([flags (mcdr set)])
(program-name program)
(let ([s (if (= 1 (length flags))
(format "the ~a option can only be specified once" (car flags))
(format "only one instance of one option from ~a is allowed" flags))])
(if (and orig-multi
(not (equal? flag orig-multi)))
(format "~a; note that ~s is shorthand for ~s, in contrast to ~s"
(let loop ([prefix (string-ref orig-multi 0)]
[flags (string->list (substring orig-multi 1 (string-length orig-multi)))]
[sep ""])
(if (null? flags)
(format "~a~a~a~a" sep prefix (car flags)
(loop prefix (cdr flags) " "))))
(string-append (substring orig-multi 0 1) orig-multi))
(set-mcar! set #t))))
(call-handler (caddar table) flag args r-acc k)]
[else (loop (cdr table))])))])
(let loop ([args arguments][r-acc null])
(if (null? args)
(done args r-acc)
(let ([arg (car args)]
[rest (cdr args)])
(done args r-acc)]
[(regexp-match #rx"^[-+][0-9]*(|[.][0-9]*)$" arg)
(done args r-acc)]
[(regexp-match "^--$" arg)
(done (cdr args) r-acc)]
[(regexp-match "^[-+][-+]" arg)
(handle-flag arg rest r-acc #f loop)]
[(regexp-match "^[-+]." arg)
(let a-loop ([s (string->list (substring arg 1 (string-length arg)))]
[rest rest]
[r-acc r-acc])
(if (null? s)
(loop rest r-acc)
(handle-flag (string (string-ref arg 0) (car s))
rest r-acc
(lambda (args r-acc)
(a-loop (cdr s) args r-acc)))))]
[else (done args r-acc)]))))))