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#lang racket/base
(require (for-syntax racket/base)
(provide yield generator generator-state in-generator infinite-generator
sequence->generator sequence->repeated-generator
;; (require racket/stxparam racket/splicing)
;; (define-syntax-parameter yield
;; (lambda (stx)
;; (raise-syntax-error
;; #f "yield is only bound inside a sequence generator")))
;; (define (procedure->generator proc)
;; (define tag (make-continuation-prompt-tag))
;; (define (cont)
;; (reset-at tag
;; (let ([r (proc (lambda (r) (shift-at tag k (set! cont k) r)))])
;; ;; normal return:
;; (set! cont (lambda () r))
;; r)))
;; (lambda () (cont)))
;; not using parameterization (old version, doesn't deal with multiple
;; inputs/outputs as the one below)
(define-syntax-rule (generator body0 body ...)
(let ([tag (make-continuation-prompt-tag)])
(define yielder
(let ([yield (lambda (value) (shift-at tag k (set! cont k) value))])
(splicing-syntax-parameterize ([yield (make-rename-transformer #'yielder)])
(define (cont)
(reset-at tag
(let ([retval (begin body0 body ...)])
;; normal return:
(set! cont (lambda () retval))
(define (generator) (cont))
(define current-yielder
(lambda (v)
(error 'yield "must be called in the context of a generator"))
(define yield
(case-lambda [() ((current-yielder))]
[(v) ((current-yielder) v)]
[vs (apply (current-yielder) vs)]))
(define yield-tag (make-continuation-prompt-tag 'yield))
(define-syntax (generator stx)
(syntax-case stx ()
[(_ formals body0 body ...)
(if (let loop ([formals #'formals])
[(null? formals) #t]
[(identifier? formals) #t]
[(syntax? formals) (loop (syntax-e formals))]
[(pair? formals) (and (identifier? (car formals))
(loop (cdr formals)))]
[else #f]))
#'(create-generator (let ([generator
(lambda formals
body0 body ...)])
"bad syntax for formal initial arguments"
[_ (if (identifier? stx)
(raise-syntax-error #f "bad syntax" stx)
(format "use does not have the form (~a formals body ...)"
(syntax-e (car (syntax-e stx))))
(define (create-generator start)
(let ([state 'fresh])
(define (yielder . vs)
(set! state 'suspended)
(call/cc (lambda (k)
(set! cont k)
(apply abort-current-continuation yield-tag vs))
(define (cont . init-formals)
(set! state 'running)
(lambda ()
(apply start init-formals))
;; get here only on at the end of the generator
(lambda rs
(set! cont (lambda () (set! state 'done) (apply values rs)))
(define (call-cont vs)
(lambda ()
(parameterize ([current-yielder yielder])
(apply cont vs)))
(define (err [what "send a value to"])
(raise-arguments-error 'generator
(format "cannot ~a a ~a generator" what state)
"generator" self))
(define generator
[() (if (eq? state 'running)
(err "call")
(begin (set! state 'running) (call-cont null)))]
;; yield-tag means return the state (see `generator-state' below)
[(x) (cond [(eq? x yield-tag) state]
[(memq state '(suspended running fresh))
(set! state 'running)
(call-cont (list x))]
[else (err)])]
[xs (if (memq state '(suspended running fresh))
(begin (set! state 'running) (call-cont xs))
(define self (make-generator generator))
(define-struct generator (proc)
#:property prop:procedure 0
;; Get the state -- this is a hack: uses yield-tag as a hidden value that makes
;; the generator return its state. Protect against grabbing this tag (eg, with
;; (generator-state values)) by inspecting the result (so it can still be
;; deceived, but that will be harmless).
(define (generator-state g)
(if (generator? g)
(g yield-tag)
(raise-argument-error 'generator-state "generator?" g)))
(define-syntax-rule (infinite-generator body0 body ...)
(generator () (let loop () body0 body ... (loop))))
(define stop-value (gensym 'stop-value))
(define (expand-in-generator arity arity-allowed? stx)
(syntax-case stx ()
[(_ #:arity n body0 body ...)
(let ([new-arity (syntax-e #'n)])
(unless (exact-nonnegative-integer? new-arity)
(define message "expected a literal exact nonnegative integer")
(raise-syntax-error #f message stx #'n))
(unless arity-allowed?
(define message "cannot specify arity more than once")
(raise-syntax-error #f message stx #'n))
(when (and arity (not (= arity new-arity)))
(define message
(format "arity mismatch, context expects a generator of arity ~a"
(raise-syntax-error #f message stx #'n))
(define new-stx (syntax/loc stx (in-generator body0 body ...)))
(expand-in-generator new-arity #f new-stx))]
[(_ body0 body ...)
(let ([real-arity (or arity 1)])
[(zero? real-arity)
#'(let ([stop? #f])
(generator () body0 body ... (set! stop? #t) (values))
(lambda () stop?)))]
(define vars (generate-temporaries (build-list real-arity values)))
(define stops (build-list real-arity (lambda (i) #'stop-value)))
(with-syntax ([(x ...) vars]
[x0 (car vars)]
[(stop ...) stops])
(generator () body0 body ... (values stop ...))
(lambda (x ...) (eq? x0 stop-value))))]))])))
(define-sequence-syntax in-generator
(lambda (stx) (expand-in-generator #f #t stx))
(lambda (stx)
(syntax-case stx ()
[((id ...) expr)
(let ([arity (length (syntax->list #'(id ...)))])
(with-syntax ([e (expand-in-generator arity #t #'expr)])
#'[(id ...) e]))])))
(define (sequence->generator sequence)
(generator () (for ([i sequence]) (yield i))))
(define (sequence->repeated-generator sequence)
(sequence->generator (in-cycle sequence)))
;; examples
(for/list ([i (in-generator (for-each yield '(1 2 3)) (yield 'four))]) i)
(for*/list ([i (in-generator (for-each yield '(1 2 3)) (yield 'four))]
[j (in-generator (yield 'X) (yield '-))])
(list i j))
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