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increase drdr timeout for template stress test

  merge to 5.3
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1 parent b19c982 commit 096e3d689b99774a158186a20eb40991f314900a @rmculpepper rmculpepper committed Apr 10, 2012
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1 collects/meta/props
@@ -1988,6 +1988,7 @@ path/s is either such a string or a list of them.
"collects/tests/stepper/write-display.rktl" drdr:command-line #f
"collects/tests/stress.rkt" responsible (jay)
"collects/tests/stxparse" responsible (ryanc)
+"collects/tests/stxparse/stress-template.rkt" drdr:timeout 60
"collects/tests/stxparse/stxclass.rkt" drdr:command-line (gracket-text "-t" *)
"collects/tests/syntax" responsible (stamourv mflatt)
"collects/tests/syntax-color" responsible (mflatt)

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