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collects/db/private/mysql/message.rkt: parse-decimal: negative number fi... #530

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Fixes bug in Mysql->Racket datatype conversion for DECIMAL.

(parse-decimal "-123.12") => 3078/25

(parse-decimal "-123.12") => -3078/25

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@rmculpepper, can you look at this?


This bug is now fixed, and the PR can be closed.

@samth samth closed this
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  1. +1 −1 pkgs/db-pkgs/db-lib/db/private/mysql/message.rkt
2 pkgs/db-pkgs/db-lib/db/private/mysql/message.rkt
@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@ computed string on the server can be. See also:
;; big integer
=> (lambda (m)
(string->number s))]
- [(regexp-match #rx"^-?([0-9]*)\\.([0-9]*)$" s)
+ [(regexp-match #rx"^(-?[0-9]*)\\.([0-9]*)$" s)
=> (lambda (m)
(+ (string->number (cadr m))
(parse-exact-fraction (caddr m))))]
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