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2018 RacketCon Office Hours Teams & Workshops

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Coordination of teams and workshops will take place on this Wiki page.

Session 1 (Before Lunch)


  • Sam Tobin-Hochstadt on Typed Racket
  • Jesse Alama on Web development
  • Leif Andersen on #lang video production
  • Ryan Culpepper on syntax/parse

Session 2 (After Lunch)


  • Ryan Culpepper on syntax/parse advanced parsing features
  • David Thrane Christiansen on Implementing Dependent Types


  • Sam Tobin-Hochstadt on building typed interfaces
  • Jesse Alama on building HTTP APIs
  • Leif Andersen on #lang video hacking
  • a la carte

Session 3 (Before Dinner)


  • Jay McCarthy on issue & pull request review
  • Christopher Lemmer Webber on distributed network programming (and distributed games)
  • a la carte
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