Racketeer Office Hours 2017 Task Ideas

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This is a list of suggestions for tasks to tackle during Racketeer Office Hours, if you didn't bring a project of your own to work on.

Most of these tasks should (modulo mistakes) be approachable by people who are new to contributing to Racket, possibly with some help from a current contributor to get started.

If you decide to work on one of these tasks, please edit this page to mark it as claimed by you, so we can avoid duplicate work. When you're done, you're welcome to post a link to the resulting pull request / commit / repo / etc.

General Tasks

  • Tag packages on pkgs.racket-lang.org, and/or add missing descriptions. And if feeling bold, add docs, or convert docs in other formats, if they exist.
  • Add a localization for a language you know.
  • Try to reproduce old bugs on gnats or github, close if they're not relevant anymore.

Docs that could use examples

  • Racket reference (claim one section at a time. 4 has a number of functions with examples missing, but others probably do too)
  • syntax
  • racket/draw
  • racket/gui & framework (with screenshots) (claim one section at a time)
  • scribble, low-level API section
  • graphics/turtles & graphics/value-turtles
  • string-constants
  • syntax-color (not exactly easy to use, examples could really help)
  • openssl (make-log-based-evaluator can help here)
  • net (claim one section at a time)
  • racket/unix-socket
  • parser-tools
  • file (claim one section at a time)
  • data (claim one section at a time)

Potential "Good first bugs"

Automate more of the release tests

Using Docker for this, perhaps.

Write a Slack bot in Racket

Write new Typed Racket adapter modules

Some of these should go in typed-racket-more, some in their own packages. See http://docs.racket-lang.org/ts-reference/Libraries_Provided_With_Typed_Racket.html#%28part._.Porting_.Untyped_.Modules_to_.Typed_.Racket%29 for info about creating these.

  • Write a checker for ensuring completeness of the TR docs on this
  • version/check
  • version/patchlevel
  • version/utils
  • gregor
  • data/ring-buffer
  • tzinfo
  • data/ddict & data/dset
  • aws/*

There are lots of other possibilities here.

Try out Typed Racket with refinement types

  • see the succeed/safe-vector.rkt tests for some examples

hash-lang lexer (find Ryan Davis)

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