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The repository contains the commit history for

  • Racket's switch from a C-implemented expander and module system to a Racket-implemented expander and module system; and

  • the initial implementation of Racket to run on Chez Scheme.

The changes have been merged (as a single commit) to the main Racket repository, and this repository is no longer modified.

This is the source code for the core of Racket. See "INSTALL.txt" for full information on building Racket.

To build the full Racket distribution from this repository, run make in the top-level directory. To build minimal Racket, run make base.

The rest of the Racket distribution source code is in other repositories, mostly under the Racket GitHub organization.

Contribute to Racket by submitting a pull request, joining the development mailing list, or visiting the IRC channel.


Racket Copyright (c) 2010-2018 PLT Design Inc.

Racket is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). This implies that you may link Racket into proprietary applications, provided you follow the rules stated in the LGPL. You can also modify Racket; if you distribute a modified version, you must distribute it under the terms of the LGPL, which in particular states that you must release the source code for the modified software.

See racket/src/COPYING_LESSER.txt for more information.


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