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#lang scribble/manual
@(require (except-in "utils.rkt" title author)
(for-label scribble/acmart))
@(define acmart-url
@title{ACM Paper Format}
@defmodulelang[scribble/acmart]{The @racketmodname[scribble/acmart]
language is like @racketmodname[scribble/base], but configured with
LaTeX style defaults to use the @hyperlink[acmart-url]{@tt{acmart}}
class for typesetting publications for the Association of Computing
@bold{Note:} a @racketmodname[scribble/acmart] document must include a
@racket[title] and @racket[author].
@verbatim[#:indent 2]|{
#lang scribble/acmart
@title{Surreal Numbers}
@author{Ursula N. Owens}
Enables the given document format. Use the format only on the same
line as @hash-lang[], with only whitespace (or other options) between
@racketmodname[scribble/acmart] and the format name:
@verbatim[#:indent 2]|{
#lang scribble/acmart @acmsmall
The @racket[manuscript], @racket[acmsmall], @racket[acmlarge],
@racket[acmtog], @racket[sigconf], @racket[siggraph],
@racket[sigplan], @racket[sigchi], and @racket[sigchi-a] formats are
all mutually exclusive.}
Enables the given document format option. Use the option only on the
same line as @hash-lang[], with only whitespace (or other options)
between @racketmodname[scribble/acmart] and the format option. Any
number of options may be used:
@verbatim[#:indent 2]|{
#lang scribble/acmart @acmsmall @review @anonymous @natbib
If multiple font size options are used, all but the last are ignored.
The @link[""
]{ACM documentation} (version 1.54, 2018-07-16, by Boris
Veytsman) provides these defaults and descriptions:
@tabular[#:style 'boxed
#:sep @hspace[1]
;#:column-properties '(left left left)
#:row-properties '(bottom-border ())
(list @bold{name} @bold{default} @bold{description})
(list "review" "false"
"A review version: lines are numbered and\
hyperlinks are colored")
(list "screen" "see text"
"A screen version: hyperlinks are colored")
(list "natbib" "true"
"Whether to use the natbib package")
(list "anonymous"
"Whether to make author(s) anonymous")
(list "authorversion"
"Whether to generate a special version\
for the authors’ personal use or posting")
;; these options are documented in ACM docs but don't
;; appear to exist in the scribble acmart format:
(list "nonacm" "false"
"Use the class typesetting options for a non-ACM\
document, which will not include the conference/journal\
header and footers or permission statements")
(list "timestamp" "false"
"Whether to put a time stamp in the footer\
of each page")
(list "authordraft" "false"
"Whether author’s-draft mode is enabled")
(list "acmthm" "true"
"Whether to define theorem-like environments"))]
Further details for some of these are provided by the full
documentation for the acmart LaTeX class.
In order to disable a default-true option (e.g. @racket[natbib]), call
the option as a function with the value @racket[#false]:
@code|{#lang scribble/acmart @natbib[#f] @sigplan}|
@defproc[(abstract [pre-content pre-content?] ...) block?]{
Generates a @tech{nested flow} for a paper abstract.}
@defform[(include-abstract module-path)]{
Similar to @racket[include-section], but incorporates the document in the
specified module as an abstract. The document must have no title or
@defproc[(title [#:short short-title pre-content? #f]
[#:tag tag (or/c string? (listof string?) #f) #f]
[#:tag-prefix prefix (or/c string? module-path? #f) #f]
[#:style style (or/c style? string? symbol? #f) #f]
[#:version version (or/c string? #f) #f]
[#:date date (or/c string? #f) #f]
[title pre-content?] ...)
Specifies the title of the document, optionally with a short version of the title for running heads.}
@defproc[(subtitle [pre-content pre-content?] ...) content?]{
Specifies a subtitle.}
@defproc[(author [#:orcid orcid (or/c pre-content? #f) #f]
[#:affiliation affiliation
(or/c pre-content?
(listof pre-content?)
(listof affiliation?)
[#:email email
(or/c pre-content? (listof pre-content?) #f)
[name pre-content?] ...)
Specifies an author with an optional email address, affiliation, and/or orcid.
@defproc[(acmJournal [journal pre-content?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(acmConference [name pre-content?] [date pre-content?] [venue pre-content?]) block?]
@defproc[(acmVolume [content pre-content?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(acmNumber [content pre-content?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(acmArticle [content pre-content?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(acmYear [content pre-content?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(acmMonth [content pre-content?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(acmArticleSeq [content pre-content?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(acmPrice [content pre-content?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(acmISBN [content pre-content?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(acmDOI [content pre-content?] ...) block?]
Declares information that is collected into the front-matter region of the paper.}
@defproc[(acmBadgeL [#:url url string? #f] [graphics string?]) block?]
@defproc[(acmBadgeR [#:url url string? #f] [graphics string?]) block?]
Display a special badge, such as an artifact evaluation badge, on the
left or right of the first page. If @racket[url] is provided, the
screen version of the image links to the badge authority.
@defproc[(email [text pre-content?] ...)
Creates an @racket[email?] object for use with @racket[author].
@defproc[(email? [email any/c]) boolean?]{
Returns @racket[#t] if @racket[email] is an @racket[email],
@racket[#f] otherwise.
[#:position position (or/c pre-content? #f) #f]
[#:institution institution (listof (or/c pre-content? institution?)) '()]
[#:street-address street-address (or/c pre-content? #f) #f]
[#:city city (or/c pre-content? #f) #f]
[#:state state (or/c pre-content? #f) #f]
[#:postcode postcode (or/c pre-content? #f) #f]
[#:country country (or/c pre-content? #f) #f])
Creates an @racket[affiliation?] object for use with @racket[author].
@defproc[(affiliation? [aff any/c]) boolean?]{
Returns @racket[#t] if @racket[aff] is an
@racket[affiliation], @racket[#f] otherwise.
@defproc[(institution [#:departments departments (or/c pre-content? institution? (listof institution)) '()]
[inst institution?] ...)
Creates an @racket[institution?] object for use in @racket[author].}
@defproc[(institution? [inst any/c]) boolean]{
Returns @racket[#t] if @racket[inst] is an
@racket[institution], @racket[#f] otherwise.
#lang scribble/acmart
@title{Some Title}
@author["David Van Horn"
#:affiliation @affiliation[
#:departments (list @institution{Department of Computer Science}
University of Maryland}
#:city "College Park"
#:state "Maryland"]
#:email ""]}
@abstract{This is an abstract.}
@defproc[(authorsaddresses [addresses pre-content?] ...) block?]{
Sets the text for the authors' addresses on the first page
in some styles. By default this field is set to the authors
and their affiliation information.
The @racket[addresses] parameter takes the address text. As a
special case the empty list removes the addresses field entirely.
#lang scribble/acmart @acmsmall
@title{A fancy paper}
@author["Ronon Dex"]
@history[#:added "1.26"]}
@defproc[(shortauthors [name pre-content?] ...) element?]{
Sets the text for the names of the authors in the running header.
@history[#:added "1.29"]}
@defproc[(terms [content pre-content?] ...) content?]
@defproc[(keywords [content pre-content?] ...) content?]
Typesets term and keyword information for the paper, which
is normally placed immediately after an @racket[abstract] form.
See also @url[""].
For @racket[terms], each general term should be in titlecase. Terms
are usually drawn from a fixed list, and they are usually optional.
For @racket[keywords], capitalize only the first letter of the first
word, separate phrases by commas, and do not include ``and'' before
the last one. Keywords should be noun phrases, not adjectives.}
@defproc[(startPage [content pre-content?] ...) content?]{
Sets the start page for the paper.}
@defproc[(ccsdesc [#:number number? #f] [content pre-content?] ...) content?]{
Declares CCS description with optional numeric code.}
@defproc[(received [#:stage stage string? #f] [date string?]) content?]{
Sets the history of the publication. If @racket[stage] is omitted, it
defaults to @racket{Received} for the first occurrence and
@racket{revised} in subsequent uses.
@codeblock[#:keep-lang-line? #f]|{
#lang scribble/acmart
@received{February 2007}
@received[#:stage "revised"]{March 2009}
@received[#:stage "accepted"]{June 2009}
@defproc[(teaserfigure [content pre-flow?] ...) block?]{
Creates a teaser figure to appear before main text.}
@defproc[(sidebar [content pre-flow?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(marginfigure [content pre-flow?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(margintable [content pre-flow?] ...) block?]
In the @racket[sigchi-a] format, special sidebars,
tables and figures on the margin.}
@defproc[(printonly [content pre-flow?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(screenonly [content pre-flow?] ...) block?]
@defproc[(anonsuppress [content pre-flow?] ...) block?]
Marks content to be included only for print or screen
editions, or excluded from anonymous editions.}
@defproc[(acks [content pre-flow?] ...) block?]{
Creates an unnumbered section ``Acknowledgments'' section, unless the
@racket[anonymous] mode is selected.}
@defproc[(grantsponsor [sponsorID string?] [name string?] [url string?]) content?]
@defproc[(grantnum [#:url url string? #f] [sponsorID string?] [num string?]) content?]
All financial support @emph{must} be listed using the
@racket[grantsponsor] and @racket[grantnum] commands inside of
Here @racket[sponsorID] is the unique ID used to match grants to
sponsors, @racket[name] is the name of the sponsor. The
@racket[sponsorID] of a @racket[grantnum] must match some
@racket[sponsorID] of a @racket[grantsponsor] command.
@codeblock[#:keep-lang-line? #f]|{
#lang scribble/acmart
The author thanks Ben Greenman for helpful comments on this
code. Financial support provided by the @grantsponsor["NSF7000"
"National Scribble Foundation"]{} under
grant No.: @grantnum["NSF7000"]{867-5309}.}
@history[#:added "1.20"]