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This component of Racket is includes software under the under the
Apache 2.0 and MIT licenses. The user can choose the license under
which they will be using the software.
See the files
for the full text of the licenses.
Additionally, this repository includes the source for implementations
of Scheme Requests For Implementation taken from the reference
implementations provided by the authors of those SRFIs, as well as the
SRFI documents themselves.
All of the implementations are distributed under free software
licenses, however, for the specific license please see the individual
files in this repository. Other source code is distributed under
Apache 2.0 and MIT licenses.
With the exceptions listed below, the documents are also distributed
under free software licenses.
The "srfi-doc-nonfree" package contains the source of the SRFI 29 and
SRFI 5 documents, which have restrictive licenses. See the individual
documents for those licenses. The implementations of `srfi/29` and
`srfi/5` found in this repository are not restrictively licensed.
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