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package gophercloud
import "strings"
// ServiceClient stores details required to interact with a specific service API implemented by a provider.
// Generally, you'll acquire these by calling the appropriate `New` method on a ProviderClient.
type ServiceClient struct {
// ProviderClient is a reference to the provider that implements this service.
// Endpoint is the base URL of the service's API, acquired from a service catalog.
// It MUST end with a /.
Endpoint string
// ResourceBase is the base URL shared by the resources within a service's API. It should include
// the API version and, like Endpoint, MUST end with a / if set. If not set, the Endpoint is used
// as-is, instead.
ResourceBase string
// ResourceBaseURL returns the base URL of any resources used by this service. It MUST end with a /.
func (client *ServiceClient) ResourceBaseURL() string {
if client.ResourceBase != "" {
return client.ResourceBase
return client.Endpoint
// ServiceURL constructs a URL for a resource belonging to this provider.
func (client *ServiceClient) ServiceURL(parts ...string) string {
return client.ResourceBaseURL() + strings.Join(parts, "/")
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