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package gophercloud
// ProviderClient stores details that are required to interact with any
// services within a specific provider's API.
// Generally, you acquire a ProviderClient by calling the NewClient method in
// the appropriate provider's child package, providing whatever authentication
// credentials are required.
type ProviderClient struct {
// IdentityBase is the base URL used for a particular provider's identity
// service - it will be used when issuing authenticatation requests. It
// should point to the root resource of the identity service, not a specific
// identity version.
IdentityBase string
// IdentityEndpoint is the identity endpoint. This may be a specific version
// of the identity service. If this is the case, this endpoint is used rather
// than querying versions first.
IdentityEndpoint string
// TokenID is the ID of the most recently issued valid token.
TokenID string
// EndpointLocator describes how this provider discovers the endpoints for
// its constituent services.
EndpointLocator EndpointLocator
// AuthenticatedHeaders returns a map of HTTP headers that are common for all
// authenticated service requests.
func (client *ProviderClient) AuthenticatedHeaders() map[string]string {
return map[string]string{"X-Auth-Token": client.TokenID}