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comment about limiting the number of re-auth attempts

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1 parent 231898e commit 6e2ca0003a56c647d1a0cf521c824b0c979eec4b @jrperritt jrperritt committed Apr 16, 2016
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@@ -42,6 +42,11 @@ type AuthOptions struct {
// re-authenticate automatically if/when your token expires. If you set it to
// false, it will not cache these settings, but re-authentication will not be
// possible. This setting defaults to false.
+ //
+ // NOTE: The reauth function will try to re-authenticate endlessly if left unchecked.
+ // The way to limit the number of attempts is to provide a custom HTTP client to the provider client
+ // and provide a transport that implements the RoundTripper interface and stores the number of failed retries.
+ // For an example of this, see here:
AllowReauth bool
// TokenID allows users to authenticate (possibly as another user) with an

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