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Updated docs to provide information about tags needed to run tests.

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@@ -11,7 +11,8 @@ As a contributor you will need to setup your workspace in a slightly different
way than just downloading it. Here are the basic installation instructions:
1. Configure your `$GOPATH` and run `go get` as described in the main
+[README](/ but add `-tags "fixtures acceptance"` to
+get dependencies for unit and acceptance tests.
2. Move into the directory that houses your local repository:
@@ -158,25 +159,25 @@ deleted after the test suite finishes.
To run all tests:
-go test ./...
+go test -tags fixtures ./...
To run all tests with verbose output:
-go test -v ./...
+go test -v -tags fixtures ./...
To run tests that match certain [build tags]():
-go test -tags "foo bar" ./...
+go test -tags "fixtures foo bar" ./...
To run tests for a particular sub-package:
-cd ./path/to/package && go test .
+cd ./path/to/package && go test -tags fixtures .
## Basic style guide

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