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This is a near-complete rewrite of Gophercloud to be more extensible and maintainable. See the documentation on gophercloud.io to get started with the new API, or the upgrading guide to see a mapping of the way to accomplish tasks supported by the old API with the new one.

Supported services


  • Identity (Keystone) v2 and v3
  • Compute (Nova) v2 with diskconfig, bootfromvolume, and keypairs extensions
  • Object Storage (Swift) v1
  • Block Storage (Cinder) v1
  • Networking (Neutron) v2 with security, provider, external, lbaas, and layer3 extensions


  • Identity (Cloud Identity) v2
  • Compute (Cloud Servers) v2 with networking, keypair, and bootfromvolume support
  • Object Storage (Cloud Files) v1 with CDN support
  • Block Storage (Cloud Block Storage) v1