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Commits on Jun 30, 2015
  1. @timuralp

    JCLOUDS-930: LocalBlobStore -- marker regression.

    timuralp authored
    We should not append a "/" to the marker when returning list results
    in the case of directories (RELATIVE_PATH), as the names will already
    include the delimiter.
    Added a jclouds test to catch such regressions in the local store in
    the future.
  2. @timuralp

    JCLOUDS-930: Regression in a File System test.

    timuralp authored
    Fix a regression in the file system blob store, where a test does not
    expect the trailing delimiter character.
  3. @andrewgaul
  4. @timuralp

    JCLOUDS-930: Add prefix option to OpenStack Swift.

    timuralp authored
    Plumbs the prefix option to the openstack-swift provider. In the
    process, the support for the recursive option is modified to avoid
    setting the _path_ parameter, but rather use the delimiter if required
    (setting the delimiter is sufficient for a non-recursive listing).
  5. @timuralp

    JCLOUDS-930: Plumb prefix support down to S3.

    timuralp authored
    Plumbs the ListContainerOptions.prefix setting down to the S3 API.
  6. @timuralp

    JCLOUDS-930: Plumb prefix support down to Azure.

    timuralp authored
    Plumbs support for the prefix query option in the Azure provider. This
    option is not compatible with the "directory" list option and an
    exception is thrown if both are set.
  7. @timuralp

    JCLOUDS-930: Implement prefix for LocalBlobStore.

    timuralp authored
    Implements prefix support for the local blob store. The patch allows
    for correctly parsing prefixes that may not terminate with a delimiter
    (i.e. foo with delimiter "/" and a key foobar/key, should return
    foobar/ as the common path) and ones that do (i.e. foo/).
    NOTE: there is a small change in behavior in this patch.
    LocalBlobStore used to return the common prefixes without the
    delimiter character ("/"). However, other providers do include the
    delimiter (I checked S3 and Google Cloud Storage) and LocalBlobStore
    should include it as well.
  8. @timuralp

    Factor out the common prefixes method.

    timuralp authored
    Refactoring the code in the list() method to create a common
    extractCommonPrefixes method.
  9. @timuralp

    JCLOUDS-930: Add the prefix option.

    timuralp authored
    Add a prefix option to the ListContainerOptions class.
Commits on Jun 29, 2015
  1. @andreaturli

    create java-xmlbuilder.version property for maven

    andreaturli authored
    add java-xmlbuilder to dependencyManagement so downstream project don't need to specify the version
Commits on Jun 26, 2015
  1. @timuralp @andrewgaul

    JCLOUDS-931: Sleep only after creating containers.

    timuralp authored andrewgaul committed
    jclouds should issue the requests to create all of the containers in
    the container pool before sleeping. The patch modifies the
    createContainerAndEnsureEmpty() method to take an additional
    parameter, which specifies whether awaitConsistency() should be called
    or not.
  2. @andreaturli

    [NOVA] change some access modifiers to simplify the downstream provid…

    andreaturli authored
    …er impl
    modify the BasicAuthenticator in Keystone
    destroy node if creation timeouts
  3. @nacx
  4. @nacx

    Promote Google Compute Engine

    nacx authored
  5. @zack-shoylev
Commits on Jun 25, 2015
  1. @andrewgaul

    Enforce no illegal testng imports

    andrewgaul authored
    Follow on to 46493ed.
  2. @andrewgaul
  3. @devcsrj @nacx

    Fix template equals assertion to consider location scope

    devcsrj authored nacx committed
Commits on Jun 24, 2015
  1. @andreaturli

    [SoftLayer] fix SoftLayerTemplateBuilderLiveTest

    andreaturli authored
    add more iso3166Codes
    fix DatacenterApiLiveTest
  2. @kahing @andrewgaul

    object stores typically sort the list of containers

    kahing authored andrewgaul committed
  3. @andreaturli

    replace ExpectTests with MockWebServerTests

    andreaturli authored
    refactor AccountApiExpectedTest to AccountApiMockTest
    refactor DatacenterApiExpectTest to DatacenterApiMockTest
    refactor SoftwareDescriptionApiExpectTest to SoftwareDescriptionApiMockTest
    refactor VirtualGuestApiExpectTest to VirtualGuestApiMockTest
    refactor VirtualGuestBlockDeviceTemplateGroupApiExpectTest to VirtualGuestBlockDeviceTemplateGroupApiMockTest
  4. @andrewgaul

    Use correct port in testPublicAccess

    andrewgaul authored
    Also reduce timeout from 20 minutes to 1.
  5. @kahing @andrewgaul

    list MPU parts with prefix listing instead of marker

    kahing authored andrewgaul committed
    we now use segment conventions that allow us to do more
    efficient listing
Commits on Jun 22, 2015
  1. @andrewgaul

    JCLOUDS-941: Ignore metadata tests on Mac OS X

    andrewgaul authored
    Also make testOverwriteBlobMetadata consistent with other tests.
  2. @danbroudy
  3. @lmivan @andrewgaul

    JCLOUDS-941: Auto-detect filesystem Content-Type

    lmivan authored andrewgaul committed
    When a filesystem blob does not have content metadata and when users
    set to tru, probe the file
    type to return to clients.  This is useful when using jclouds to serve
    an existing filesystem.
Commits on Jun 20, 2015
  1. @kahing @andrewgaul

    use segment names similar to those created by python-swiftclient

    kahing authored andrewgaul committed
    Currently swift creates blob-1, blob-2... blob-n for multipart
    upload segments, which are very common names that can easily
    collide with normal objects. This changes the naming convention
    to that of python-swiftclient (the `swift' command line).
    python-swiftclient also uses a different segment container by
    default, that's not implemented by this patch
Commits on Jun 19, 2015
  1. @lmivan

    Add missing value in Content-Range header

    lmivan authored
    This is related with #776. It's necessary to add
    the 'bytes' string before the bytes.
Commits on Jun 18, 2015
  1. @abayer
Commits on Jun 17, 2015
  1. @andrewgaul

    Test for Content-Range header in single range get

    andrewgaul authored
    Also emit this header in LocalBlobStore.
  2. @andrewgaul

    Refine HTTP 416 into IllegalArgumentException

    andrewgaul authored
    Providers yield different messages so remove parsing from test.  Also
    narrow exception handling scope.TTP 416 into IllegalArgumentException
    Providers yield different messages so remove parsing from test.  Also
    narrow exception handling scope.
Commits on Jun 15, 2015
  1. @abayer
  2. @andrewgaul

    Use a configurable timeout for awaitConsistency

    andrewgaul authored
    This allows setting to zero for strongly-consistency implementations
    of s3 and swift stores.
  3. @danbroudy @nacx
  4. @nacx
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