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ObjectStore completely refactored

All functionality is documented in detail here. If you need a more in-depth look, most of the source code is commented and has docblocks for each method.

Renamed service methods

Factory methods in OpenCloud\OpenStack have been upgraded for greater consistency. The full range are:

OpenStack services

  • objectStoreService
  • computeService
  • orchestrationService
  • volumeService

Rackspace services

  • databaseService
  • loadBalancerService
  • dnsService
  • cloudMonitoringService
  • autoscaleService
  • queuesService

The arguments remain the same

HTTP stuff

  • Issuing HTTP requests are now a breeze: you can piggy-back off Guzzle\Http and issue your own requests if you so wish. For a full overview, please see the official documentation.

Misc changes

  • URLs are no longer returned as strings, but rather as Guzzle\Http\Url objects. To get a string representation, you can cast the object as a string: (string) $url

  • The models of most services have had minor changes to their namespaces - which shouldn't matter if you've used the convenience methods in the past. So a server, for example, is now OpenCloud\Compute\Resource\Server.