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RackConnect Public IP Support

Dependency Changes

SimpleRestServices is no longer an explicit NuGet dependency. Perform the following steps to remove it from your project:

  1. Remove assembly binding redirects for Json.NET from your app.config or web.config.
  2. Remove SimpleRestServices from your packages.config file.
  3. Remove any project references to SimpleRestServices.

SimpleRestServices depends on Json.NET v4.5 but the rest of OpenStack.NET uses v6.0. This version conflict required you to add assembly binding redirects in your projects... Sorry about that! We are now building our own fork of SimpleRestServices and embedding it into openstacknet.dll. With this change you should no longer be affected by our dependency version conflicts.

If this ends up causing more trouble, please let us know!

Download v0.2.0 on nuget.org


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This is the first release of Rackspace.NET! Read Introducing Rackspace .NET SDK to learn more.

Support Cloud Networks

Download v0.1.0 on nuget.org