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Exclude transient fields from the field accessor pointcuts. Setting a…

… transient field marked the entity as "dirty", without having a way to clear this dirty flag again.
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commit acd5d7884b831a050ee3f70ef6212037d8d80df2 1 parent eaa4144
@ractive authored
@@ -87,13 +87,13 @@ public privileged aspect Neo4jNodeBacking { // extends AbstractTypeAnnotatingMix
protected pointcut entityFieldGet(NodeBacked entity) :
- get(* NodeBacked+.*) &&
+ get(!transient * NodeBacked+.*) &&
this(entity) &&
!get(* NodeBacked.*);
protected pointcut entityFieldSet(NodeBacked entity, Object newVal) :
- set(* NodeBacked+.*) &&
+ set(!transient * NodeBacked+.*) &&
this(entity) &&
args(newVal) &&
!set(* NodeBacked.*);
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