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This broccoli plugin compiles Ractive component files. If you're not yet familiar with component files, start here.

To try it out:

# Clone this repo and set it up
git clone
cd broccoli-ractive
npm i

# Fire up broccoli
broccoli serve

Once you're up and running, navigate to localhost:4200. You should see a clock - the one defined in the clock.html component file.

For the demo, we're converting to an AMD module, but you can also generate node.js modules (e.g. for use with the broccoli-browserify plugin) or ES6 modules.


npm i -D broccoli-ractive    # `i` is short for `install`, `-D` means `--save-dev`


Inside your brocfile.js:

var compileRactive = require( 'broccoli-ractive' );

var tree = compileRactive( inputTree, {
	destDir: 'path/to/output'

The inputTree option can be a string, e.g. path/to/ractive_components. The second argument is an object with the following options:

  • destDir - self-explanatory!
  • files - optional, defaults to [**/*.html] (i.e. all HTML files in the input tree). An array of file minimatch patterns to match.
  • type - optional, defaults to amd. The type of JavaScript module to convert to. Can be either amd, cjs (node.js modules) or es6.

## License