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Crawlit - Dofus & Dofus-Touch encyclopedia parser - Build your own Dofus API

sosnoob sosnoob

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Awesome Tweet

In order to respond to a need expressed by the community, I create an encyclopedia parser for Dofus available for :

  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Linux

Download : All versions are available here

⚠️ Don't use the tool for more than 700 items per hour (for Dofus-Touch).

Crawlit was built to be very light, it can run on almost every configurations.

In fact Crawlit is a tool :

  • Developed by the dofus community, for the community
  • 100% performance : Developed to be very light
  • Simple to use | Plug and use
  • Resume parsing feature after errors (connection off / 429 error / ...)
  • App packaged into executable, no need to install something
  • English & French encyclopedia supported (french item & english item)
App launched App at the end

JSON files also provided in the repository

In case you wan't directly the dofus JSON files, I oftenly upload up-to-date encyclopedia JSON in the data/ folder.

JSON format

An item result example

  "_id":"item ID",
  "name":"item name",
  "description":"item description.",
  "lvl":"item lvl",
  "type":"item type",
  "imgUrl":"image url of the item",
  "url":"Item's link",
  "stats":[ "many statistics line", "stat 2", ["..."], "stat n" ],
  "condition":[ "many conditions line", "condition 2", ["..."], "condition n" ],
     "equipments":[itemId, itemId ...],
     "weapons":[itemId, itemId ...],

Getting Started

Clone & access this repository locally :

git clone
cd crawlit-dofus-encyclopedia-parser

Install dependencies with npm :

npm install

⚠️ There is an issue with npm start on some CLI, in this case prefere use node lib/app.js.

[Optional] To build packaged app

If you want to generate packaged app (executable) with pkg dependency, you MUST install zeit/pkg in npm global context.
Please follow Pkg documentation for troubleshooting.

npm install -g pkg
  • in a terminal window -> npm run pkg-all

Supported items

Items state of progress
Equipment 100 %
Weapon 100 %
Set 100 %
Pet 100 %
Mount 100 %
Resource 100 %
Consumable 100 %
Recipe 25 %
Classe 0 %
Professions 0 %
Bestiary 0 %

We also have done an API !

Visite the official non-official Dofus API : DOFAPI

Technologies choice

Crawlit is build with full javascript : NodeJs/Npm, javascript.

Bug & Crash || Proposal ?

For proposal don't hesitate to create a pool request or for a bug/crash an issue. You can also make us aware on bugs channel in discord.


Click here to join the sosnoob community on discord !


Access the wiki to understand the project and contribute to it. There is also a french version of the documentation 😃 !

Join the dev Team ?

Contact us on discord (channel general or private message to theukid)



Le Corre Julien

Yannick Milanetto