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Wraps the NLM Scrubber into a docker container
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NLM Scrubber Wrappers

This package wraps the NLM Scrubber to make it easily accessible for a variety of programs.

This package includes three components-

  1. A Docker container with NLM Scrubber already configured.
  2. A script to make using the docker container easier.
  3. A python library for dynamic deidentification.


The docker image can be downloaded from docker hub or built via make build.

Once run the container will deidentify anything in /tmp/once_off/input and output it to /tmp/once_off/output (these directories are inside the container). The input files can be limited by defining the SCRUBBER_REGEX environmental variables.

Mounting a local volume to /tmp/once_off/input and another to /tmp/once_off/output will allow you to deidentify and save items on your host machine.

This script wraps around the docker container, automatically mounting the supplied directories into the container so their contents can be deidentified.

To deidentify any json files from testing/input into the directory testing/output you'd run this command-

./ testing/input/ testing/output/ .\*.json

Note that the NLM Scrubber does leave metadata at the bottom of each file- this would have to be removed before parsing the json.


This library does not use the docker container and depends on the nlm-scrubber being installed in /opt/nlm_scrubber.

To work with the nlm_scrubber application this library dynamically generates a config, writes all of the supplied strings to disk, and then reads the outputted data back before erasing all of the files it wrote.

There is a significant delay when the application is being loaded- as such it is far more efficient to batch data than to run it through individually.

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