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Oshinko Cli

Command line interface for spark cluster management application.

Oshinko Application

The Oshinko application manages Apache Spark clusters on OpenShift. The application consists of a REST server (Oshinko-rest) and a web UI. It is designed to run in an OpenShift project. This repository contains tools to launch the Oshinko application

Using the Oshinko CLI

The easiest way to get started using the Oshinko CLI is to use a release version which can be found here. There are releases for linux32 or 64 and MacOS. To use a release either untar/unzip the precompiled Oshinko binary and use this to call commands to create, delete or modify clusters.

oshinko <command>

Creating a cluster

To create an oshinko cluster through the cli you use the command create oshinko create <cluster name>

Deleting a cluster

To delete a cluster you use the delete command: oshinko delete <name of cluster>

Scaling a cluster

You may need to scale a cluster out to provide more resources or scale down to save money to do this you can use the command: oshinko scale <name of cluster> [options] Options include scaling the number of masters or workers.

Further reading

For a full set of commands and parameters please use: oshinko help Please see the and docs for more information about working with this codebase and the docs directory for more general information on usage.