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  • Begin tracking CHANGELOG
  • Drop official support for Ruby <= 1.9.2
  • Add Ruby 2.1.0, Rubinius, and JRuby to Travis
  • Decouple gem from ActiveRecord, and put ActiveRecord and Mongoid specific methods in ORM modules.
  • Consolidate all normalization/parsing functions into new Normalization module
  • Remove meta-programming methods, e.g. send("by_week_#{time_klass}")
  • Make Chronic gem optional; use it only if user has included it externally
  • by_week always returns a calendar week (i.e. beginning Monday or as specified by Rails setting), regardless of whether Date or Fixnum is given as a parameter.
  • by_week and by_calendar_month now supports optional :start_day option (:monday, :tuesday, etc)
  • Separate by_calendar_month into it's own class
  • Rename between to between_times internally, as Mongoid already defines between. ActiveRecord has an alias of between to interface stays consistent.
  • by_weekend can now take a fixnum (parsing logic is same as by_week)
  • Add Time kernel extensions for fortnight and calendar_month
  • Add Johnny Shields as a gem co-author
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