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History / Authorization System

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@parndt parndt Updated Authorization System (markdown) 56e6ae8
@hexgnu hexgnu Updated Authorization System (markdown) 4e85469
@eostrom eostrom Added note on restricting all access. b1db33c
@eostrom eostrom Added example of "only if signed in" permissions. 57a7314
@eostrom eostrom Fixed confusing example: `can_*` methods are instance methods on a user, and probably don't have access to a separate `user` object. 746938d
etjossem Fixed improper syntax in headings. 63faa86
sibblingz can_read_forem_topic? was missing, so I added it to the list at the top of this page. Since I'm not sure about the default value, I didn't add it to the list at the bottom. b84bf37
@dapz dapz Updated Authorization System (markdown) 89b31f0
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Fixes indentation level to prevent page rename by Github. 410376c
@robyurkowski robyurkowski Overhauls documentation to be more user-friendly. 76ae778
@radar radar Add can_edit_forem_posts? to Authorization System efd2943
@radar radar Updated Authorization System (markdown) b952391
@radar radar Explain Ability class + usage 5a85f08
@radar radar Remove extra ` 3444cb5
@radar radar Remove extra : 3704185
@radar radar Remove ugly formatting of permission method headers f98599c
@radar radar Remove ugly formatting of permission method headers d735bc7
@radar radar Document Authorization System as it stands dd35e47
@radar radar Created Authorization System (markdown) f775f59
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