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Further information about how to create a generator.

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@@ -316,18 +316,45 @@ Thankfully for us, Aruba has ways of testing that a generator generates files an
Feature: Generating things
In order to generate many a thing
As a CLI newbie
- I want gem_name to hold my hand, tightly
+ I want foodie to hold my hand, tightly
Scenario: Recipes
- When I run "gem_name recipe dinner steak"
+ When I run "foodie recipe dinner steak"
Then the following files should exist:
| dinner/steak.txt |
Then the file "dinner/steak.txt" should contain:
- ##### Ingredients #####
- Ingredients for delicious food go here.
- ##### Instructions #####
- Tips on how to make delicious food go here.
+ ##### Ingredients #####
+ Ingredients for delicious food go here.
+ ##### Instructions #####
+ Tips on how to make delicious food go here.
+When we run this feature we'll be told that there's an undefined step and a failing scenario. We'll get to the failure in just a bit. Aruba currently doesn't have a step itself defined for multi-line file content matching, so we will define one ourselves inside _features/step\_definitions/aruba\_ext\_steps.rb_ using Aruba's own helpers:
+ Then /^the file "([^"]*)" should contain:$/ do |file, content|
+ check_file_content(file, content, true)
+ end
+Now for our failure. It's saying that it cannot find the _dinner/steak.txt_ file that we asked the generator to do. Why not? Well, because currently we don't have a `recipe` task that does this for us defined in `Foodie::CLI`. We can define invoke a generator class just like we invoke a CLI class:
+ desc "recipe", "Generates a recipe scaffold"
+ def recipe(group, name)
+ Foodie::Recipe.start([group, name])
+ end
+The first argument for this method are the arguments passed to the generator.
+To define this class, we inherit from `Thor::Group` rather than `Thor`. We will also need to include the `Thor::Actions` module to define helper methods for our generator which include the likes of those able to create files and directories.
+ module Foodie
+ class Recipe < Thor::Group
+ include Thor::Actions
+ end
+ end
+By inheriting from `Thor::Group`, we're defining a generator rather than a CLI.
+To make this generator, ya know, generate stuff we simply define methods in the class. Let's define a `create_group` method now which will create a directory using the name we have passed in.

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