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Change aruba require to aruba/cucumber. Fixes GH-10 [rberger]

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1 parent 5587744 commit d5dfdab3451673c8edc74fa481b1335e897c560a @radar committed Feb 28, 2011
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@@ -196,9 +196,9 @@ See those yellow things? They're undefined steps:
We can define them by requiring Aruba. In Cucumber, all _.rb_ files in the _features/support_ directory are required. To prove this to ourselves, we can add a _features/support/setup.rb_ file (create the _support_ directory first) and put in this single line:
- require 'aruba'
+ require 'aruba/cucumber'
-This loads Aruba which will define the steps our Cucumber features need to be awesome.
+This loads the Cucumber steps provided by Aruba which are the same steps our Cucumber features need to be awesome.
We have to re-run `bundle exec cucumber features`, just to see what happens next. We see red. Red like the blood incessantly seeping from the walls. It contains this cryptic message:
@@ -1 +1 @@
-require 'aruba'
+require 'aruba/cucumber'

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