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Lookup for Ruby & Rails api in the terminal

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Lazy Man's ri (lookup)


Add gemcutter as a source:

sudo gem install gemcutter
gem tumble

Then you'll be able to:

sudo gem install lookup

Example usage:

This has changed since the pre-1.0 versions. From 1.0 onwards you must specify an API that you wish to search.

  • lookup v2.3.8 ActiveRecord::Base#new (returns a single method from the Rails 2.3.8 API, since the method name is right)
  • lookup v3.0.0 ActiveRecord::Base#destroy (returns two methods from the Rails 3.0.0 API, since there's two methods with that name)
  • lookup v2.3.8 ActiveRecord::Base#destro (returns three methods, uses methods beginning with "destroy")
  • lookup v2.3.8 ActiveRecord::Base#d (tells you to be more specific, because it can't open 35 tabs at once)
  • lookup v2.3.8 ActiveRecord::Base (returns a single consant)
  • lookup v2.3.8 av::Base ("av" maps to ActionView, so returns ActionView::Base constant)
  • lookup 1.8 Array#join (Returns a single method from the Ruby 1.8.7 API)
  • lookup 1.9 Array#join (Returns a single method from the Ruby 1.9 API)


It also takes options:

  • -c or --clear will delete the database and update the api again. This can take a minute or two.
  • -t or --text is useful for when you don't want lookup to spam tabs into your browser willy-nilly.

How it finds them

  1. Finds the specified API and uses it to scope future calls.
  2. Checks if there's constants/methods with that exact name.
  3. Checks if there's constants/methods with names beginning with that name.
  4. Does a "fuzzy match" splitting the name and getting anything containing those letters in that order.
  5. Opens your browser if you're running a DECENT_OPERATING_SYSTEM (may add support for things other than Mac later on)
  6. ???
  7. Profit
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