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Muse is a documentation tool designed to make the challenge of keeping documentation on the internals of a system up to date. It does this by providing the ability of checking that files contain certain content at specific points as well as checking the output of commands when they are executed.

All of this would not have been possible without a little bit of inspiration from Yehuda Katz, so thanks go to him.

If you've ever wanted to write internals documentation for a library in Markdown and are concerned with it's constant state of flux, then this is for you.

Wait, what?

Muse allows you to write documentation in a superset of Markdown and will validate that the documentation is relevant against a specific codebase.

If you speak Gherkin-ese then the 'A Valid Markdown File' feature will explain the content checking capabilities of Muse surprisingly well.

The command checking function is explained just as well in the 'Markdown Checks' feature

OMG BUG / Pull Request

The code was written mostly in one too-early morning at a café in Sydney. It's ugly, but functional and tested. You know what to do if you find a bug or want to help improve it.

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