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title: Helpa Usage
date: 2013-1-1
<p>If you'd like to test out these commands, please do so in the #logga channel, not #rubyonrails.</p>
<p>These are some of the hard-coded commands in helpa. These are in no particular order. Others have been omitted because they serve little to no purpose:</p>
<code>!google [query] or !g [query]</code>: Outputs a link to a google with the search term specified.
<code>!gg [query]</code>: Outputs a link to with the search term specified.
<code>!railscast [query]</code>: Outputs a link to searching for railscasts for the search term specified.
<code>!githubs [query]</code>: Outputs a link to the search page for Github for the search term specified.
<code>!github [user] [repository] [branch] [path]</code>: Outputs a link to a specified page on github</p>
<p>The rest don't take any arguments:</p>
<p></p><li><code>!finders</code> - - ActiveRecord Querying Guide by Ryan Bigg</li>
<li><code>!routing</code> - - Rails Routing From the Outside In - Rails Guide - by Mike Gunderloy</li>
<li><code>!associations</code> - - Active Record Association Basics by Mike Gunderloy</li>
<li><code>!rails-view-lookup</code> - - Which conditions Rails uses in order to determine which view file to render when controller actions are invoked.</li>
<li><code>!routing-overview</code> - - An introductory guide to RESTful Routing.</li>
<li><code>!guides</code> - - Ruby on Rails guides, part of the ongoing hackfest</li>
<li><code>!pastie</code> - - Paste code examples there, and post the URL of the pastie here when you're done. for more info on usage.</li>
<li><code>!botsnack</code> - Nom nom. Thanks, {nick}!</li>
<li><code>!peepcode</code> - - Awesome screencasts of very high quality and relevance. The $9 is totally worth it.</li>
<li><code>!railscasts</code> - - Great free screencasts by Ryan Bates. Tips, tricks and best practices.</li>
<li><code>!lighthouse</code> - - beautiful simple issue tracking</li>
<li><code>!fatmodel</code> - - Place the logic where it's supposed to be placed</li>
<li><code>!rails-lighthouse</code> - - Rails issue tracking</li>
<li><code>!wwrd</code> - What would Radar do?</li>
<li><code>!windows</code> -</li>
<li><code>!scaffold</code> -</li>
<li><code>!passenger</code> - Passenger (mod_rails) is an Apache module for running Rails applications. It is fast, sexy and very easy to setup.</li>
Other resources: Peepcode's setup guide: Railscasts:
<li><code>!webhosts</code> - Ruby on Rails hosting can be provided for by any (decent) webhost, for a list of webhosts (we won't normally recommend them) look here:</li>
<li><code>!rubyonrails-talk</code> -</li>
<li><code>!yourownblog</code> - - Every beginning Rails developer should write their own blog software.</li>
<li><code>!select_all</code> -</li>
<li><code>!i18n</code> - - Guide on i18n by Sven Fuchs and Karel Minařík</li>
<li><code>!howtoaskforhelp</code> -</li>
<li><code>!acl</code> - ACL (Access Control List) System 2 - Great for restricting access to actions -</li>
<li><code>!skitch</code> - - Image sharing site with related application for Mac OS X</li>
<li><code>!deploy-ubuntu</code> - Deploying on Ubuntu / Debian using Apache, Rails, Passenger and Capistrano:</li>
<li><code>!quickref</code> - - Quick reference for the Ruby Language</li>
<li><code>!multi-updates</code> - - An example application of how to update multiple rows from the same model at the same time.</li>
<li><code>!editor</code> - Commonly used Rails editors: Textmate, Vim, Aptana, Emacs, Netbeans, Eclipse and (NOT) Dreamweaver (see !ide for ide lists)</li>
<li><code>!ide</code> - Eclipse, Netbeans and Aptana. Please note if you are on Mac Os X an IDE is not recommended.</li>
<li><code>!git</code> - Git is a version control system used for both Ruby on Rails and most plugin / gems. See for Git, or or for hosting and for managing Rails applications with git</li>
<li><code>!beginner</code> - Resources for beginning in Ruby on Rails: - -</li>
<li><code>!cms</code> - Content Managmenet Systems for Ruby on Rails: Typo - Mephisto - RadiantCMS</li>
<li><code>!haml</code> - Haml is an alternative markup to HTML, for help and information please see the documentation or ##haml</li>
<li><code>!docs</code> - Rails: Ruby:</li>
<li><code>!hosts</code> - Ruby on Rails hosting can be provided for by any (decent) webhost, for a list of webhosts (we won't normally recommend them) look here:</li>
<li><code>!ask</code> - Don't ask to ask, just ask!</li>
<li><code>!capistrano</code> - Capistrano is a neat deployment method for Rails applications, see the capistrano site for more details</li>
<li><code>!contributing</code> - How to contribute to Rails, written by Mike Gunderloy:</li>
<li><code>!wwod</code> - What would Obama do?</li>
<li><code>!ajax</code> - New to Ajax / Javascript? Before asking a million questions in the channel please have a look through some great resources:</li>
<li><code>!association-basics</code> - by Mike Gunderloy</li>
<li><code>!notabug</code> - It's probably not a bug:</li>
<li><code>!pebkac</code> - PEBKAC: Problem Existing Between Keyboard And Chair. Also known as \"User Error\"</li>
<li><code>!used</code> - Don't ask \"has anybody used <thing>?\". It's better to just ask your problem and if anyone has used <thing> they will most likely answer.</thing></thing></li>
<li><code>!best</code> - \"Best\" and \"better\" are subjective. Try to use a different term.</li>
<li><code>!cte</code> - You must remove the line from config/environments/development.rb and config/environments/production.rb in order to get your app to function correctly:</li>
<li><code>!textmate</code> - Kick-ass text editor for Macs. If you have a Mac, code, and don't use TextMate you're a fool.</li>
<li><code>!zen</code> - Relax, take a deep breath, find your center - peace is waiting for you there.</li>
<li><code>!rails-ubuntu</code> - How to set up and deploy on Ubuntu:</li>
<li><code>!scale</code> - Ruby on Rails doesn't scale - nothing to see here - move along.</li>
<li><code>!try</code> - Why don't you try it?</li>
<li><code>!pickaxe</code> - - Programming Ruby is a free online book on Ruby.</li>
<li><code>!everused</code> - just post the fucking bug already</li>
<li><code>!rtft</code> - This channel has a topic that contains helpful links. One of these links may help you. If you cannot see the topic, type /topic and press enter.</li>
<li><code>!version</code> - Please tell us what version of Ruby, Rubygems and Rails you're running on so we can better help you. Also if you haven't already tell us your operating system too.</li>
<li><code>!logs</code> - Check your logs. Namely everything in the log folder of your rails app and the error and access logs from Apache or whatever else you're using.</li>
<li><code>!section</code> - Please section your pasties using the syntax of \"## section header\", for more information see this:</li>
<li><code>!paperclip</code> - - A file upload plugin for Rails. w/ example</li>
<li><code>!attachment_fu</code> - - A file upload plugin for Rails.</li>
<li><code>!rboard</code> - - A forum system built in Rails. It's compatible with Rails 2.2 and includes internationalization support.</li>
<li><code>!tutorial</code> - you can probably find a tutorial on it on either, or</li>
<li><code>!migrations</code> - - Migrations Guide by Frederick Cheung </li>
<li><code>!gettingstarted</code> - - Getting started with Ruby on Rails guide written by Mike Gunderloy</li>
<li><code>!restful-routing</code> - - Shorter guide to RESTful routing with Rails.</li>
<li><code>!will_paginate</code> - - Pagination plugin for Rails.</li>
<li><code>!howlong</code> -</li>
<li><code>!ohgoditburns</code> - Your HTML skills are inferior:</li>
<li><code>!jquery</code> - Main site: Docs:</li>
<li><code>!rubygems</code> - - The latest version of Rubygems (and all other versions) can be found here. Download the archived version, extract it and run \"ruby setup.rb\" to install it.</li>
<li><code>!rspec</code> - - RSpec is a Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby. </li>
<li><code>!cucumber</code> - Cucumber - Successor to stories for rspec</li>
<li><code>!texteditor</code> - Windows - \"E Text Editor\" -</li>
Linux - Vim ( or Emacs (
Mac - TextMate ( or Vim, Emacs (as above)
<li><code>!arrayconditions</code> - How to use array conditions in find statements ([\"field = ?\", some_variable])</li>
<li><code>!rest</code> - REST - (REpresentational State Transfer) -</li>
<li><code>!thinkingsphinx</code> - - Thinking Sphinx - Plugin for Rails, uses Sphinx (full-text search engine for MySQL and PostgreSQL)</li>
<li><code>!wrong</code> -</li>
<li><code>!dry</code> - Don't repeat yourself. Asking the same question repeatedly will not give you more answers.</li>
<li><code>!books</code> - What book should you get? -</li>
<li><code>!gist</code> - - Put your codes online with pretty syntax highlighting and the ability to embed it into other pages.</li>
<li><code>!slicehost</code> - - A hosting company that provides a box that you can install Ruby on Rails on to.</li>
<li><code>!ruby191</code> - Ruby 1.9.1 does NOT work with certain Rubygems and may not be fully compatible with Rails yet. For more information see : and</li>
<li><code>!activemerchant</code> - Activemerchant provides you with a way to interact between your application and supported payment gateways:</li>
<li><code>!saasy</code> - SaaSy: Scaffold-like application for payment gateways (uses ActiveMerchant):</li>
<li><code>!auth</code> - If you want to implement user's with passwords in your application, you can use AuthLogic: or Restful Authentication:</li>
<li><code>!survivalguide</code> - - Survival guide for Ruby. Must read.</li>
<li><code>!wiki</code> -</li>
<li><code>!ducktyping</code> - Learn about Duck Typing here:</li>
<li><code>!tags</code> - tag plugins : w/ plugin example:</li>
<li><code>!application</code> - As of Rails 2.3 ApplicationController has been moved from app/controllers/application.rb to app/controllers/application_controller.rb to better follow convention. Rename your application.rb file using 'rake rails:update:application_controller'.</li>
<li><code>!render</code> - Layouts and Rendering Guide by Mike Gunderloy</li>
<li><code>!layout</code> - Layouts and Rendering Guide by Mike Gunderloy</li>
<li><code>!cache_template_loading</code> - cache_template_loading= is a deprecated method. Remove this from all files in config/environments</li>
<li><code>!tasks</code> - Have you checked the rake tasks for your project, yet? Simply type 'rake -T' inside your application's directory to list the available rake tasks.</li>
<li><code>!expectedgot</code> - If you're getting Model(#[num]) expected, got String(#[num]) this is because you're passing in from the form a parameter with the name of a belongs_to association. Make sure you change the field name to association_id.</li>
<li><code>!elaborate</code> - Instead of simply saying 'something is broken' please elaborate on this by showing us the code and the error that you are getting by making a pastie ( about it.</li>
<li><code>!files</code> - Storing files in the database will only lead to misery and heartbreak. Store files where they belong, in the filesystem. Use a file-upload plugin such as Paperclip to acheive this.</li>
<li><code>!caching</code> - How to scale your Rails application:</li>
<li><code>!topic</code> - Read the topic. It contains useful information. Failure to read the topic will result in horrible consequences.</li>
<li><code>!validations</code> - How to make your own custom validations:</li><p></p>
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