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# Searcher
-Let's you search. For things. Using SQL.
+Searcher is a pure SQL implementation which lets you find by pre-defined labels, as well as wildcard matching queries. It should be used as a lo-fi precursor to a proper full-text search platform, such as the built-in one to PostgreSQL.
-Better README soon?
+The idea of this gem came from Joost Schuur.
+This gem is used in Chapter 10 of Rails 3 in Action and was crafted specifically for it. YMMV.
+## Installation
+This gem is only compatible with versions of Active Record that are greater than or equal to 3.0. You *are* using Active Record 3, right?
+Add this gem to your _Gemfile_ (You *are* using Bundler, right?):
+ gem 'searcher'
+## Usage
+To define labels for your field, use the `searcher` method inside your model like this:
+ class Ticket < ActiveRecord::Base
+ has_and_belongs_to_many :tags
+ searcher do
+ external :tag, :from => :tags, :field => "name"
+ external :state, :from => :state, :field => "name"
+ end
+ end
+To query for these labels, use the `search` class method on your model:
+"tag:v3.0.0 state:open")
+Boom! There's all your tickets that have the tag v3.0.0 and are marked (state-wise) as being open.
+## Caveats
+Currently Searcher works only with `has_and_belongs_to_many` and `belongs_to` associations, as that is all that is needed in the book.
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