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Commits on Jul 29, 2014
  1. @richardnuno

    Add data-hooks to the admin order detail side menu

    richardnuno authored committed
    Fixes #5086
  2. @JDutil

    Allow users address assignment over API.

    JDutil authored committed
  3. @semenyukdmitriy

    Update Rails version in README

    semenyukdmitriy authored committed
  4. @huoxito

    Include spree_current_user on custom user template

    huoxito authored committed
    spree/api expects either spree_current_user or an api token to
    authenticate users. Since backend no longer sends the api token we need
    to make sure custom auth apps have spree_current_user available in api
  5. @magnusvk

    Order history should be by completed_at, not created_at

    magnusvk authored committed
    Otherwise, orders that use an old cart appear way out of order. This
    will show completed orders first, ordered by completed_at desc, then the
    rest ordered by created_at desc.
  6. @huoxito

    Add admin flag on variants related cache template

    huoxito authored committed
    We want to make Variant#cost_price only available for admins so we need
    to make sure difference cache keys are set as per current user role
    otherwise the first template cached would decide whether or not the
    attribute would be available (rather than the user role itself)
  7. @danielwestendorf

    Remove tables from includes on index query which are not needed an re…

    danielwestendorf authored committed
    …sult in bad performance with many Variants
  8. @huoxito

    Load current user roles on api requests

    huoxito authored committed
  9. @huoxito

    Order#checkout_step_index always return a integer

    huoxito authored committed
  10. @jschwertfeger

    Order summary view checks if delivery step has been passed in the che…

    jschwertfeger authored committed
    …ckout flow before displaying any shipping charges.
  11. @owainlewis

    Update edit.html.erb

    owainlewis authored committed
  12. @jschwertfeger
  13. @peterberkenbosch
  14. @brchristian

    Fix typo in item_adjustments

    brchristian authored committed
  15. @peterberkenbosch

    fix failing specs with variant price

    peterberkenbosch authored committed
  16. @BMorearty

    Reduce unnecessary DB round-trips.

    BMorearty authored committed
    Spree::Product has after_save :touch in order to fire
    the after_touch callback. But as a result, every Save updates
    the product twice. There's no need to call `touch`
    after a save if all you want to do is fire the after_touch
    callback. So I fixed that.
    I also fixed `punch_slug`, which gets called after_destroy,
    so it does a single round-trip instead of about six.
    After a destroy has already happened, it is unnecessary to
    validate the product again, call callbacks again, touch the
    product again, and fire all cascading touches again.
    Closes #5049
  17. @gmacdougall

    Basic promotion categories.

    gmacdougall authored committed
    This allows a promotion to be assigned to a category for better
    Add ability to search by promotion category.
    Manage promotion categories.
    Provides CRUD for promotion categories, linked from the promotions page.
    Closes #4992
  18. @gmacdougall

    Promotion Rule: One Use Per User

    gmacdougall authored committed
    This will limit a promotion from being used multiple times by a single
    Closes #4984
  19. @peterberkenbosch

    use the variant_full_price on the product show page so the correct cu…

    peterberkenbosch authored committed
    …rrency settings are used. Fixes #4995
  20. @gmacdougall

    Refactor Line Item Promotion Actions & Eligibility

    gmacdougall authored committed
    Extract payload to a let statement.
    Refactor eligible_rules to return rules.
    This is helpful to understand which rules a promotion matched at some
    point later down the promotion chain.
    Extract line items to adjust in to Promotion.
    This is part of moving the logic out of the promotion actions in to a
    place that knows a little more about the context of what should be
    Add actionable? call.
    Move line item actionable to promotion.
    No adjustments for non-actionable items.
    The logic around this has changed a little, as adjustments are no longer
    created for non-eligible promotions, due to the selection on actionable.
    Remove products method (no longer used)
    This is deprecated, as this logic is all done internally by the product
    rule and related actions.
    Closes #5036
  21. @justinbburris

    If ShippingCalculator has an empty string currency, it matches to all…

    justinbburris authored committed
    … currencies
    Closes #5038
  22. @BlackPrincess
  23. @jordan-brough

    Added a `ReturnAuthorization.return_item_tax_calculator` class attrib…

    jordan-brough authored committed
    …ute that is set to `Spree::ReturnAuthorizationTaxCalculator` by default.
    When `ReturnAuthorization#process_refund` is called, the tax calculator is called with all return items and tax is calculated and stored on each return item and then the refund is performed with the new total.
    Taxation is broken out like this to allow easy integration with third-party tax services.
    - Moved some rounding further out since it was causing small but noticeable differences in refund amounts (off by 8 cents sometimes, for example).  And increase precision of some return_items fields along with that.
    - Refactored return authorization controller specs so that the spec data is more correct
    - Added an additional validation to #process_refund to abort the refund if we know we don't have enough funds to reimburse the customer fully
    Closes #5043
  24. @mtuckergd
  25. @jordan-brough

    Show flash errors for resource controller html requests

    jordan-brough authored committed
    and not for js requests.
    When a resource controller failed to create/update there was no indication of what had failed.
    Also adds "with_model" gem to allow easier isolated testing of `Spree::Admin::ResourceController`.
    Fixes #5011
  26. @richardnuno

    State machine for return_items.

    richardnuno authored committed
    Fixes #5041
  27. @huoxito

    Wait ajax request a bit for backend spec fix

    huoxito authored committed
  28. @JDutil

    Fix order merging. Fixes #5028

    JDutil authored committed
  29. @ymek

    Update Google Analytics

    ymek authored committed
    Updates GA tracking code to support Display Advertising. See: for more.
    Fixes #5030
  30. @Dkendal

    Use the proper flash

    Dkendal authored committed
    This is not a success
    Fixes #5034
  31. @ssendev

    allow specifying Kaminari page_method_name

    ssendev authored committed
    only define custom page method if page_method_name != page to avoid recursion
    Fixes #5035
  32. @camelmasa

    Add roadmap url. Fixes #5025

    camelmasa authored committed
  33. @jordan-brough

    Fix spec for ruby 2.0

    jordan-brough authored committed
    With Ruby 2.0.0 p451 this was giving:
        expected: 95.17
             got: #<BigDecimal: 95.17000000000001>
  34. @HoyaBoya

    return 204 for PUT /orders/empty

    HoyaBoya authored committed
  35. @magnusvk

    Order history should be reverse chronological. Fixes #5024

    magnusvk authored committed
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