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Culture Amp's Junior Engineering Program - 2017 Coding Test
Ruby Shell
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Surveyor - Culture Amp Junior Engineering Coding Test

Hi! Thanks for applying for the Junior Engineering Program at Culture Amp.

What you'll find in this little directory is some code that was generated using the bundle gem command from the Bundler gem. This code is the code for an (imaginary) gem called "surveyor", which helps represent survey data within Ruby.

The two main sub-directories we would like to highlight are spec and lib.

The spec directory contains some RSpec tests. It is your job to make as many of these tests pass as you can. You do not have to make all the tests pass to submit this coding test back to Culture Amp.

You will be assessed based on how you make the tests pass. What we're looking for in particular is:

  • Strong adherence to the ruby-style-guide
  • Clean & simple Ruby code to make the tests pass
  • Code that will still work if we were to change the tests requirements slightly


The test files are numbered from 00 to 06. These numbers can be thought of as a grade, but don't take them too seriously.

Tests 00 and 01 contain code within the tests files themselves. This is to make it easier for you to navigate between the code and the tests. You don't necessarily have to only write code within the methods we provided. Think of these methods more as guidelines than solid boundaries.

Tests from 02 to 06 expect the code to be within the lib directory. There are some placeholder classes in the lib directory already to get you started.


To run these tests, you will need a modern version of Ruby installed (2.3 or greater is preferred). You will also need Bundler installed:

gem install bundler

Once you have Ruby + Bundler installed, you can install the gem dependencies for this test with this command:

bundle install

Then you can start running the tests:

bundle exec rspec

Only one test will run at the beginning. This is intentional, and is meant to keep you focussed on fixing just one broken test at a time.

If you want to check your syntax, run this command:

bundle exec rubocop

Making the tests pass

As stated before, your goal is to make as many of the tests pass as possible. You should pay attention to the error messages closely in the test and try to interpret what they're asking for. Try to focus on one test at a time and making that pass.

Submitting the coding test

If you think you've finished with the coding test, then please do submit it back to us by following the instructions in the email. We'll evalulate it and get back to you.

Good luck!

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