minimalistic commandline hexadecimal editor similar to radare
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IRED stands for the independent raw editor

red aims to be a minimalistic reimplementation of the radare shell without much complexity and relaying all the extensibility to external applications trying to keep the source as small as possible.




? is for help   get help or evaluate numeric expression
/ search        search strings or hexpairs
!cmd            run command from shell
x hexdump       hexdump
X dword dump    hexpair dump
> file          dump current block to file
< file          slurp file into current block
w "string\x00"  write string
w 023839400     write hexpairs
b 30            set block size
s addr          seek address
r [size|-rmv]   get filesize, truncate file to size, or -remove bytes
p [bwWdDqQiIF.] print formatted the current block
q               quit


print command b/w/d/q byte, word, dword, qword (little endian) B/W/D/Q byte, word, dword, qword (big endian) i/I/f/F int32 (lil, big), float (lil, big) z/Z zero-terminatted strings (ascii, widechar) ./: skip 1 or 4 chars * repeat last value until death


ired is known to build and run on several OS.

  • GNU, Linux, OSX, Windows (mingw), cygwin, Solaris, BSD, ...


  • support for escapped characters in string write and search ops
  • Add support for simple math ops (+,-,*,/) no parenthesis plz :)


  • Remove '.' command? to make it suck less
  • Add .! command that runs !foo > file and then .file
  • Support for multiple commands in a single line (';' separator)