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@@ -44,28 +44,19 @@ SOURCE REPOSITORY
The source of radare can be found in two mercurial repositories.
- hg clone
-or in the mirror (not always in sync)
- hg clone
+ git clone git://
To get an up to date copy of the repository you should perform the
following steps:
- hg pull -u
+ git pull
If you have conflicts in your local copy it's because you have modified
files which are conflicting with the incomming patchsets. To get a clean
source directory type the following command:
- hg revert -a ; hg up
-There's also an hg extension that comes by default and must be enabled
-in .hgrc which is called 'purge' and works pretty better than the above
- hg purge
+ git clean -xdf
+ git reset --hard
@@ -116,21 +107,12 @@ people may help in order to find a solution.
-All the development happens in the mercurial repository. It is
-good that all patches can be applied against the hg tip (last
-commit in head repository).
+All the development happens in the git repository. It is
+good that all patches can be applied against the git HEAD.
I can get patches in unidiff format like this:
- hg diff > p
-If you are going to do a set of patches that may conflict with
-tip it is recommended to create a branch from tip, do your
-work and then export all those patchsets like this:
- hg export -o patch.hg tip
-TODO: explain binary patchsets and how to dump a full branch
+ git diff > p

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