Unbreaking tests

Updated Nov 6, 2018

We have a lot of tests marked broken. It is time to fix the corresponding cases for all platforms and remove [BR] mark.


Updated Oct 21, 2018

Everything about detection of encryption/hashes/etc


Updated Oct 19, 2018

Also known as reversible debugging. See RR from Mozilla, WinDbg and Qira.


Updated Oct 15, 2018

Speeding up r2 is an endless task. There are always things to improve and optimize, This project aims to collect all those small hints and problems that make r2 slow mainly when working on HUGE binaries.


Updated Sep 21, 2018

No description

IO Cache

Updated Sep 21, 2018

We need to unify io.*cache and have proper api to undo/redo all the changes and such, right now its a bit confusing and we need to bring back io.buffer


Updated Nov 16, 2018

Parsing binary headers


Updated Nov 7, 2018

Improving analysis results quality and times is important for many use cases. This project aims to track the most important issues to address this.


Updated Oct 19, 2018

Required to save and restore the state between different runs. The feature is there but there are many issues that must be addressed to trust them


Updated Oct 19, 2018

There are things to be implemented in ESIL still..... things like MMX, FPU, but also things to improve in the esil codebase to make it more reusable or fast.


Updated Oct 11, 2018

This project is a central point to classify all the max priority issues that must be addressed ASAP. This is, crashes, vulnerabilities, build problems, regressions, ...

New Contributors

Updated Nov 14, 2018

This project aims to give hints for those who want to contribute to the project. Take this as a high level view of the "good first" issues.


Updated Oct 3, 2018

This project aims to make r2 be able to syncronize over the network with other instances of r2.

In order to do this we need a bunch of things in the core that are not yet implemented.

  • [ ] Undo/Redo for all commands
  • [ ] Signal/Messaging line to send broardcast messages (current chat one?)
  • [ ] Standarized RLog API
  • [ ] Hooks on specific events or signals, maybe just strcmp, or low level callback hooks
  • [ ] A background server/client to handle all those syncings
  • [ ] Authentication will be important to be included
  • [ ] Improve the chat interface

See more at https://hackmd.io/UQ5DOaaBQFiYbmn3elBKSw#


Updated Sep 21, 2018

No description


Updated Nov 14, 2018

This project aims to refine he quality of the code in r2 by defining development rules, standarizing the code, avoid eating pasta and reducing LOCs.


Updated Sep 21, 2018

The idea behind this project is to merge rasm and ranal APIs because they are duplicating some logic, the simplest solution to this is to make RAsm load RAnal plugins. We can make a ranalplug wrapper api to use them as disassemblers. This way we can progressively delete all the asm plugins and just use the anal ones. This will reduce the time required to write new archs for r2.

Other things that are required to be in common between asm and anal are the arch/bits configuration.