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Fix #9608 #9685

merged 1 commit into from Mar 14, 2018


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cyanpencil commented Mar 13, 2018

Closes #9608

@cyanpencil cyanpencil changed the title from Can type nonascii chars in prompt now (#9608) to Fix #9608 Mar 13, 2018

@XVilka XVilka merged commit bc5ade5 into radare:master Mar 14, 2018

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radare added a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 16, 2018

Fix #9595 (#9673)
* Added an address mask inside the RAnalEsil struct in order to be sure that the address accessed is relevant with the asm.bits of the file + Changed the calls to r_anal_esil_new

* Corrected the addrmask in r_anal_esil_new

* RTTI: Read MSVC Complete Object Locator

* RTTI: Read MSVC Class Hierarchy Descriptor

* VTable End on Reference

* RTTI: Read MSVC Type Descriptor

* RTTI: Read MSVC Base Class Array, Better Printing

* Add anal.cpp.abi

* Minor Code Style Changes in RTTI

* Fix rahash2 entropy to show non truncated double (#9629)

* Anal - whitespace fixes

* Honor CFLAGS on the static build test compilation (#9677)

* change coding style tab width to 4 (#9670)

* Meson: use more built-in options (#9678)

* Add support for extended regex in asm search (#9675)

* Fix #9665 - Backwardly handle scr.color={bool}

* Fix #9676 - Infinite loop in ecs with scr.color=2

* Adding help for redirection (#9679)

* Refactores function r_str_split_list to receive the character to split by (#9672)

* Fix #9666 - lines with comments do not use Unicode reflines

* Fix uninitialized optypes_list issue in cmd_debug

* update to actually take the env for ASAN

* removed incorrect return (#9685)

* Fix UB in ESIL

* Initial import of the CoreUndo API and uc command

* Initial implementation of cmd.pdc to select pseudo-decompiler

* Handle recursive pdc calls

* Fix RPrint.strconv_mode memleak

* Fix leaks in RSyscall.srdb

* Use r_syscall_ref to avoid dblfree-or-leak issue

* Arm thumb/thumb selector for the armass (#9681)

* added function to translate number to imm12
* added function to get thumb shifts easily
* added selector, newfangled implementation of adc
* add bitmask for command suffixes
* added new routine for parsing suffixes to opcodes. Error check added in getnum. Bugfixes.

* Few improvements to 8051 memory mapping (#9686)

* update memory map when idata/sfr/xdata regs change
* set address space name on map
* fix regression, remove debug output
* fix regression, enable map name

* Some fixups for #9682 (#9688)

* Fix: coredump generation for huge programs (#9680)

* Refix #9666 - lines with comments do not use Unicode reflines

* Removed code unnecessary due to dcf3db0

* Fixed free const warning

* Fix another memleak in RSyscall

* Fix more memleaks

* Fix leak in RConsPal.rainbow

* Fix 18K leak in anal.x86.cs

* Fix some more memleaks in disasm and fix issue in str overlap

* Fix memleak in RCore.anal_refs and fix regression

* Revert "Fix some more memleaks in disasm and fix issue in str overlap"

This reverts commit a902df8.

* Fix memleak regressions

* Bring back another memleak fix

* Fix an undefined behaviour in RParse.filter

* Fix memleaks in disasm.c

* Add cundo.c to Meson (#9694)

* Bring back an ugly buffer pack access issue to make it work

* Cast to void * in R_FREE (#9692)

* Set anal.cpp.abi to msvc for pe

* Add better help for av

* Split avr into avr and avra

* Make av, avr and avra breakable

* Add RTTI struct specific print functions

* RTTI: Support MSVC x86_64

* PE: Fix too short section name.

* PDB: define a constant to store the max length of a section name and use id.

* PDB: dump the size of structure and union in JSON mode.

* Fix cast issue in eprintf for debug.core.linux

* Move the asm and anal plugins for x86.udis to extras

Available via r2pm -ci udis86

* Remove more udis86 references

* Fix warnings

* fix pcache ptr-fuckup

* Fix defragger theme

* Fix crash in asl and fix its behaviour

* Fix memory leak in blaze anal and silent a warning

* Implement ?q to be like ?v but in quiet mode

* Fix Meson build

* Add missing 8, 16, 32 bit registers (and flags) for the linux-arm64 debugger reg profile

* Fix 'Cannot find function at UT64_MAX message'

* Add some Pingu to

* Loading Core (x86, x86_64, aarch64) (#9669)

* Ragg2-cc -> Ragg2 merge (#9658)

- change of 'access' function for 'r_file_exists' for windows portability
- several changes in the way ragg2.c is done, see PR #9658 pancake comments
- change function for the remove of 'file'.text
- open changed for r_file_dump
- some elt of cEnv_t are now const
- skip all the pointers verification in set_cEnv but do them in check_cEnv instead
- add 2 r_str_sanitize for file and CC in parseCFile
- rewrite the removal of .o, .tmp, .bin, .s files, with cleaner code
- changed the long command with sed and grep to 2 C functions.
  - The function parseCompiled that basically does what the command was doing
  - And r_str_stripLines that is equivalent to "grep -v" (maybe we should put this one in str.c ?)
- simplify a bit getCompiler function with a const char* array
- add ternary operator for armOrMips condition
- use r_file_path for finding path to compilers
- new file created in libr/egg which contains all the C file parser
- modifications of 2 files to match the change :
  - libr/egg/r_egg.h
  - libr/egg/Makefile
- the function r_str_stripLine is simplier (the mallocs wasn't needed)
- the function r_str_stripLine is moved to libr/util/str.c
- libr/include/r_util/r_str.h is changed accordingly

* Revert bd3465c9a3fbeddf83980dc07eaac588320f7d (warning remains fixed)

This reverts commit titled "Fixed free const warning".

* Added an address mask inside the RAnalEsil struct in order to be sure that the address accessed is relevant with the asm.bits of the file + Changed the calls to r_anal_esil_new

* Corrected the addrmask in r_anal_esil_new

* Cleanup expressions in esil.c (addr &=...)

* Corrected r_anal_esil_new definition in r_anal.h

* Added an address size max in the ESIL config (maximum address size reachable by the ESIL VM)

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radare commented Mar 17, 2018

@cyanpencil cyanpencil deleted the cyanpencil:utf8-prompt branch Mar 18, 2018

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