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@radare radare released this Jan 29, 2018 · 5053 commits to master since this release



Release 2.3.0 - use latest acr 1.4


  • Better use of and and - sivaramaa
  • Initial work on CPU specific registers

Bin files:

  • Speedup the loading of version info for ELF - pancake
  • Add r2 -X as an alias for -e bin.usextr=false
  • Implement iE., iEj., is. and isj. implementation - Thomas Bailleux
  • Add and @@@ sections
  • Add warning for NSO files requiring decompression


  • New command cV command to compare values
  • Fix wao nocj and so? and rename swap-jcmp to recj

Better support for AVR:

  • AVR default CPU ATmega8 to avoid regressions
  • Expose all the AVR cpu in e asm.cpu
  • Added warning msg for maxbbsz - sivaramaa
  • Windows builds now inclue avr and gb plugins

Better Disasm:

  • Implemented the new pdR command that doesnt requires previous analaysis and just follow non-conditional jumps
  • Substitute jmp, call, branch target based on analop (#9198)
  • Filter strings better in disasm with bin.strpurge - kazarmy
  • sh: fix disassembly of branch opcodes (#9238)
  • Added ppc Paired single (#9172)
  • Improved 8051 disassembler and analyzer - Adrian Studer
  • Implement asm.strip to hide instructions matching type - pancake
  • Fix anal.m68k plugin name and handle LINK, UNLK instructions properly
  • Initial pseudo and esil for MMX instructions - pancake

Compatibility breaks/improvements:

  • RCoreFile is starting to be deprecated
  • Added dir.prefix (can be changed at runtime), no more compile-time prefix problems!
  • r_str_chop/trim/clean/.. apis unified - api break - pancake
  • Output of rabin2 (and i command) is more compact, so if you are parsing the output of that tool instead of using the JSON format, it may break things in your side.
  • Build system improved (fixes static build and properly generates the archive file, and improved pkg-config files, iOS11 sdk)- thanks whitequark!
  • First step in removing fcn->refs/xrefs - defragger

IO layer - pancake

  • Implement of and minor fixes for o?
  • Handle file:// uri as for io.default
  • Implement obq and ob*
  • Add on+ and ons+ support in cmd_open.c
  • Where in time is r_io_open_buffer?

Better graphs: - pancake

  • Render color themes properly
  • Print edges before nodes again and add V^ key like VV^
  • Add VV= to rotate graph.layout, and use less in VV?
  • Implement minigraph disasm scroll with JK keys
  • Implement axtg and bring back the VV<> (xrefs, call)-graph
  • Better graphs, bringback t/f, add ^to seek to the begining and updated help
  • Reuse Vd in VVd, add e,E keys to change graph.edges in VV


  • x86 assembler has been improved by emvivre (adding fpu, hypervisor and priviledged instructions) and unlogic for fixing and extending some instructions.
  • Honor for all p= subcommands - sivaramaa
  • Adds wide CRC support (crc8, crc16, crc32, crc64
  • Initial blind implementation of hwbp for native Linux ARM and ARM64
  • Visual browser handles imports and symbols
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