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@radare radare released this Mar 5, 2018 · 3920 commits to master since this release

Date: 2018-03-05
Codename: Chusy Chabber


  • Find _main in MSVC-compiled MZ binaries
  • Meson: Added sdb building/installation rules
  • Install Headers and .pc Files with Meson
  • Use meson pkgconfig for .pc files
  • Initial sys/ distro to remove r2 distro packages
  • Fix MSVC dynamic linking
  • Upgrade to latest acr to honor AWK env var
  • Added v810 and tms320 to meson
  • Added x86_udis to meson


  • Use io.pcache instead of io.cache, improve speed
  • Enable io.cache for afta too under aaaa
  • Added asm.bbinfo for debugging op_pos
  • Implemented wao for arm64
  • Support RIOBind on RBuffer for fcpy_at


  • Added an alternative and colored view for varsum
  • Improvements in bin.strfilter and asm.emu
  • Hexagon QDSP6 v6 support - LGPLv3


  • More code cleanup in RBin api for file and obj
  • Refactor RBin for file and obj, mach0 headers to stdout
  • izz/izzj now works with -n without using rabin2
  • Make idpi independent of bin loading

New Commands/Eval

  • Implemented @@iS RBin.Section foreach operator
  • Implemented @% suffix operator
  • Refactored asm.cmt* and scr.*
  • Implemented @B: to temporary seek to the Nth BB
  • Implemented cp. and fix r_sys_copy on mac/ios
  • Fix wao ret* for arm64
  • Added command to edit ~/.radare2rc
  • Improveed aae to support cstr and pstr like asm.emu.str
  • Implemented support for cstr and pstr for asm.emu.str in disasm
  • Added asm.emu.stroff: always show offset when printing asm.emu string
  • Initial support for dbg.symstore
  • Change all asm.emu* to asm.emu.*

Better support for AVR:

  • Implemented opcode masking for improved zignatures
  • Added missing opcode info (val, ptr)
  • added pseudo code for avr instructions movw and st*

Better graphs and visual panel:

  • VC rotates scr.color instead of toggling
  • Implement axgj
  • Added < command and make dietline reuse rcons.readChar
  • Improve RCons.readPush and add .readFlush() to make V* happy
  • Implemented r_cons_readpush() new api and fix the V... automation
  • e graph.format=? and missing help for @@iS
  • Intial implementation of function call argument display
  • Experimental Cons_INVERT in strings in disasm
  • Added VbC to browse comments
  • Added VbF to browse functions
  • Implement VV) - rotate asm.emu.str in visual graph
  • Added ) key in visual to toggle asm.emu.str
  • Honor scr.color in Vbf
  • Added Visual browser for process threads
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