Tools, documentation and scripts to move projects from IDA to R2 and viceversa
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This repository contains a collection of documents, scripts and utilities that will allow you to use IDA and R2, converting projects metadata from one tool to the other and providing tools to integrate them in a more useful way.

In progress:

  • Documentation about how to use the tool
  • Export IDB from IDA into a radare2 script
  • Import radare2 project metadata into IDA database
  • Launch r2 from IDA
  • Use IDA as an IO backend for R2
  • Expose R2 functionalities into IDA
    • Assembler/Disassembler
    • Base converter
    • ROP gadget search
    • ...


Note: This requires the python-idb installed and available for python imports. It is recommended to use the latest version of python-idb by cloning the repository and installing it using python install.