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@thestr4ng3r thestr4ng3r released this Mar 20, 2019

Cutter 1.8.0

This release is one of the biggest so far, bringing a full Python API for creating Plugins
and many improvements to the Graph Widget, such as the Graph Overview, along with lots of other improvements and fixes.

Notice that in this version we dropped the support for 32-bit binaries. We also made improvements to our configuration files, this might reset your current configurations.

Want to build your own Cutter plugin? Check out our documentation:


  • Add Support for Python Plugins
  • Add Graph Overview
  • Graph scrolling forever (#1195)
  • Add Plugins Section to Preferences
  • Add configurable graph overview node color (#1259)
  • Auto update check (#1235)
  • Added feature to link a type to an address (#1219)
  • Add feature to apply structure offset and fix some issues in EditVariablesDialog (#1215)
  • Added a BasicBlock highlighting API
  • Show sizes of structs and unions (#1203)
  • Implement highlight in Types dialog (#1186)
  • Added load, delete and export features in the Types Widget (#1158)
  • Added a checkbox in the preferences dialog for asm.indent (#1175)
  • Add support for listing and editing Anal Classes in ClassesWidget
  • Adding #685 (Adding a report issue button) (#1165)
  • Added some of the features mentioned in the Types Widget Project. (#1153)
  • Added 'asm.xrefs' option in preferences dialog (#1150)
  • Added support for automatically saving and opening recent folder (#1149)
  • Added dialog to show infinite progress-bar while running script (#1145)

Fixes and Changes

  • Updated radare2 to 3.3.0 (#1231)
  • Fix changing Variable Name in EditVariablesDialog
  • Fixes regarding saving and restoring of the Widget Layout (#1308)
  • append layout to OpenFileDialog, so the dialog more flexible (#1293)
  • Removed asm.stackptr option because the result is meaningless (#1285)
  • Fix NewFileDialog positioning on macOS
  • Fix NewFileDialog leaking MainWindow
  • Replace red syntax highlighting with blueish color (#1261)
  • Disable aan (#1253)
  • Start using "" color instead of "gui.navbar.err" to show seek cursor (#1244)
  • Fix an infinite loop bug (#1218)
  • Overview does not disappear anymore when it is moved to the same dock as Graph (#1212)
  • Change organizationName and use QSettings:IniFormat (#1213)
  • Fix Segfault when jupyter is not installed
  • Modified some APIs for more consistence
  • Move everything Jupyter related out of PythonManager
  • Fix arch and bits in Hexdump Widget (#1209)
  • Update SyntaxHighlighter.cpp (#1206)
  • Fix a bug which causes segfault when adding another Graph (#1202)
  • Fix FunctionsWidget Tooltip Colors
  • Move HTML Disasm formatting to Cutter
  • AppVeyor: switch to VS2017, Qt 5.12 and disable x86 build (#1184)
  • disable "aan" from advanced options (#1190)
  • Fix graph header resizing (#1189)
  • Fix SDB Browser docking problem and rename the whole thing (#1188)
  • Fix progress bar alignment (#1185)
  • Fixed memory leak and refactored code (#1181)
  • Reordered menu items by alphabetical order (#1178)
  • set ayu default for dark interface (#1174)
  • Fixed AboutDialog leaking (#1168)
  • Improved big blocks rendering performance (#1166)
  • Fixed asm.xrefs checkbox in Asm Options (#1167)
  • Prevent r2 injection when opening a file (#1125)
  • Fix graph blocks rendering optimization (#1164)
  • Force context menu to show shortcuts fix. Closes #1154 (#1163)
  • Dockerfile: Use Cutter from master, merge layers (#1141)
  • Moved type checkbox from windows/info to windows dropdown (#1142)
  • Fix CutterCore::getAllRelocs() for RBTree (#1135)
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