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Fri 9 - 17:00 - r2m2 using miasm2 as radare2 plugins (guedou)

Reversing a binary using a rare CPU architecture requires to write a lot of code, such as disassembler, assembler, or block splitting logic. Once implemented, there is still a need for a graphical interface dedicated to reverse. Sooner or later, more needs might also arise: symbolic execution, emulation, jit, debugging, ...

miasm2 is a powerful reverse engineering framework written in Python. It greatly simplifies the definition of new CPU architectures, and allows to assemble, disassemble and jit code.

At the high level, this talk will describe how to write radare2 plugins. More specifically, it will explain how to call miasm2 from radare2 and provide some miasm2 examples.

r2m2 is available on github.