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Heap out of bounds read in r_x509_parse_extension() #13297

fumfel opened this issue Mar 6, 2019 · 0 comments


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@fumfel fumfel commented Mar 6, 2019

Work environment

Questions Answers
OS/arch/bits (mandatory) Ubuntu 18.04
File format of the file you reverse (mandatory) PE32+
Architecture/bits of the file (mandatory) x86/64
r2 -v full output, not truncated (mandatory) radare2 3.4.0-git 21061 @ linux-x86-64 git.3.3.0-90-g42f846b42 commit: 42f846b build: 2019-03-06__19:39:27

Expected behavior

Disassembly or error message.

Actual behavior

Heap out of bounds read in ASAN build.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Additional Logs, screenshots, source-code, configuration dump, ...

==840==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow on address 0x60200002b6a0 at pc 0x7f82ee5e2a0f bp 0x7fff68984290 sp 0x7fff68984288
READ of size 8 at 0x60200002b6a0 thread T0
#0 0x7f82ee5e2a0e in r_x509_parse_extension radare2/libr/util/x509.c:126:8
#1 0x7f82ee5e2a0e in r_x509_parse_extensions radare2/libr/util/x509.c:148
#2 0x7f82ee5e3d4b in r_x509_parse_tbscertificate radare2/libr/util/x509.c:202:5
#3 0x7f82ee5e45e2 in r_x509_parse_certificate radare2/libr/util/x509.c:231:2
#4 0x7f82ee5daca4 in r_pkcs7_parse_extendedcertificatesandcertificates radare2/libr/util/pkcs7.c:69:24
#5 0x7f82ee5daca4 in r_pkcs7_parse_signeddata radare2/libr/util/pkcs7.c:281
#6 0x7f82ee5daca4 in r_pkcs7_parse_cms radare2/libr/util/pkcs7.c:329
#7 0x7f82f3fe2acb in bin_pe_get_certificate radare2/libr/..//libr/bin/p/../format/pe/pe.c:2487:13
#8 0x7f82f3fe2acb in bin_pe_init radare2/libr/..//libr/bin/p/../format/pe/pe.c:2515
#9 0x7f82f3fe61d6 in Pe64_r_bin_pe_new_buf radare2/libr/..//libr/bin/p/../format/pe/pe.c:3578:7
#10 0x7f82f3fbc031 in load_buffer radare2/libr/..//libr/bin/p/
#11 0x7f82f3ccfc1d in r_bin_object_new radare2/libr/bin/obj.c:180:16
#12 0x7f82f3cc6691 in r_bin_file_new_from_bytes radare2/libr/bin/bfile.c:469:18
#13 0x7f82f3ca0a9f in r_bin_open_io radare2/libr/bin/bin.c:407:13
#14 0x7f82f522ef0b in r_core_file_do_load_for_io_plugin radare2/libr/core/cfile.c:380:7
#15 0x7f82f522ef0b in r_core_bin_load radare2/libr/core/cfile.c:538
#16 0x55d70109cb20 in main radare2/binr/radare2/radare2.c:1165:15
#17 0x7f82edbd0b96 in __libc_start_main /build/glibc-OTsEL5/glibc-2.27/csu/../csu/libc-start.c:310
#18 0x55d700fa5929 in _start (/usr/local/bin/radare2+0x25929)

0x60200002b6a0 is located 0 bytes to the right of 16-byte region [0x60200002b690,0x60200002b6a0)
allocated by thread T0 here:
#0 0x55d70105b1a8 in calloc (/usr/local/bin/radare2+0xdb1a8)
#1 0x7f82ee5ec897 in r_asn1_create_object radare2/libr/util/asn1.c:131:27

SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow radare2/libr/util/x509.c:126:8 in r_x509_parse_extension
Shadow bytes around the buggy address:
0x0c047fffd680: fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 fa
0x0c047fffd690: fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 00
0x0c047fffd6a0: fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 00
0x0c047fffd6b0: fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 00
0x0c047fffd6c0: fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 fa
=>0x0c047fffd6d0: fa fa 00 00[fa]fa 00 fa fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 00
0x0c047fffd6e0: fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 fa
0x0c047fffd6f0: fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 fa
0x0c047fffd700: fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 fa
0x0c047fffd710: fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 00
0x0c047fffd720: fa fa 00 00 fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 fa fa fa 00 fa
Shadow byte legend (one shadow byte represents 8 application bytes):
Addressable: 00
Partially addressable: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Heap left redzone: fa
Freed heap region: fd
Stack left redzone: f1
Stack mid redzone: f2
Stack right redzone: f3
Stack after return: f5
Stack use after scope: f8
Global redzone: f9
Global init order: f6
Poisoned by user: f7
Container overflow: fc
Array cookie: ac
Intra object redzone: bb
ASan internal: fe
Left alloca redzone: ca
Right alloca redzone: cb
devnexen added a commit to devnexen/radare2 that referenced this issue Mar 6, 2019
@XVilka XVilka added the bug label Mar 7, 2019
@XVilka XVilka added this to the 3.4.0 - aprils milestone Mar 7, 2019
@ret2libc ret2libc closed this in ffab804 Mar 7, 2019
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