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@radare radare released this Sep 17, 2019 · 229 commits to master since this release

In r2land we are happy to celebrate that the artichoke seasson is back with a new release \o/


Release Notes

Version: 3.9.0
PreviousVersion: 3.8.0
Commits: 102
Contributors: 31
TimeSinceLastRelease: 2 weeks




  • Implement anal.norevisit using SetU instead of Sdb
  • Fix #15013 - jump/cjmp analop for m680x
  • Fix the infinite aac issue, reduce false positives, speedup a bit (#15015)
  • Fix mov.l/jsr ESIL for SuperH4 (#15039)
  • Fix nopskip (its not fixed at all. just random typing here and there) (#15024)
  • Add anal.nonull to avoid analyzing functions if starting by zeros
  • Fixed i4004 arch to be according to spec (#15062)
  • Fix zero register set issue (r2wars)
  • Implement types field for zignatures


  • Fix #14611: Vi-mode indication by prompt color
  • Add a way to print an aliased without a trailing new line (#15031)
  • Fix clicking on frame borders to resize
  • Remove code for no-anal (#14977)


  • Make -m do an implicit -s
  • Fix #14990 - multiple quoted command parsing issue
  • Fix multiple quote cmd issue
  • Fix #14019 - Move ta to aht, move other commands around, refactor indentation
  • Fix #10851 - Solve slurp messages on http/sandbox/pipe
  • Don't run ldconfig when installing into /usr (#15049)


  • Fix gdb reg write byte order (#15009)
  • Improving slighty the process status check on Darwin
  • On Darwin, expose process path
  • ASLR check setting fix on FreeBSD


  • Hackaround to get esil stepping on delayed execution
  • Fix arm32 stmia post-increment (#14983) (r2wars)


  • Support shm_open in shm:// and some code cleanup
  • Fixing perms for Darwin
  • Fix #15002 - Propagate write error issues into RCore.patch
  • Print error msg if write fails (#14978)
  • Fixing self:// perms issue on Darwin
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