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A radare2 based binary analysis framework

Is this ready yet?

Nope. There is still a ton of work to do before this can be considered ready. That said, parts of the library are already stable enough to write your own analysis passes and use in your projects.


Build like a regular rust project, using cargo:

cargo build

To include in your rust project, add to Cargo.toml:

git = "https://github.com/radare/radeco-lib"

See examples for usage.


Additional features to build with to help development.

Trace Log

To debug, you may want to enable trace output from various parts of radeco. Build with trace_log feature to enable this:

cargo build --features 'trace_log'


Requires gperftools . Check the cpuprofiler repository for more details.

To enable profiling, build with profile feature:

cargo build --features 'profiler'

Wrap the code you want to profile with:

use cpuprofiler::PROFILER;

// Code you want to sample goes here!

Project layout

├── analysis/               Analyzers on SSA form Radeco-IR
├── backend/                Analyzers on C-pseudo code
│   ├── ctrl_flow_struct/   Implementation of `No More Gotos`
│   └── lang_c/             Coverter of C-pseudo code from RadecoFunction
├── frontend/               Loaders of RadecoFunction, RadecoProject
├── middle/                 Constructer, writer, parser of Radeco-IR
│   ├── regfile/            Profile of registers
│   └── ssa/                SSA form of Radeco-IR
└── utils/                  Logger, etc


Licensed under The BSD 3-Clause License. Please check COPYING file for complete license.