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rune - radare2 based symbolic emulator
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rune - symbolic execution for everyone

rune is a symbolic execution engine over ESIL. Integrated with radare2 for your everyday use!

rune is extensible and customizable. Almost every component in rune can have multiple implementations (each with their own tradeoffs) and still be compatible with the existing system.

At the moment, rune is not designed to be run on an entire binary, rather it is used to reason about smaller pieces of code iteratively and assist in reverse engineering tasks. If you need something that can be run on an entire binary automatically, you are better off other symbolic execution engines, such as angr.

Warning: rune is under heavy development and the API is highly unstable. However, feel free to use rune as any comments, suggestions and feedbacks are highly valued at this stage of the project!

NOTE: I am actively collecting suggestions for changes to the API. Please open issues for the same.





  • Standard rust toolchain. This should work with stable, but nightly is recommended
  • Latest build of radare2

Clone this repository. Then run cargo build

Cargo automatically fetches the required dependencies required for this project. To use runec, it is recommended to make a symlink to ./target/debug/runec

ln -s ./target/debug/runec /usr/bin/runec




Documentation will be available (shortly) at: docs


Contributing in terms of suggestions, bug-reports, blog posts and most importantly pull requests are greatly appreciated. Unless otherwise requested by the authors, all code will be dual-licensed under MIT and Apache Version 2.0,

To make reviews easier please ensure that the code adhers to the standard rust style of coding.

Project Milestones and Roadmap

Please check the Issues


rune is dual-licensed under:

Use under either one of the above listed licenses is acceptable.

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