The RadarGun benchmarking framework for data grids and distributed caches
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Latest commit 9a5cfa0 Aug 2, 2016 @alanfx alanfx committed with rvansa Issue 373: Investigate new classpath scanner (#388)
Reimplement ClasspathScanner.scanClasspath using

Add a debug log message to ClasspathScanner
Passing null as the superclass to ClasspathScanner.scanClasspath() means
to search for classes with the annotation without regard to the
Added JavaDoc and removed @author tag
Updated to newest FCS streaming API


RadarGun is a data grid and distributed cache benchmarking framework built to test Infinispan and other distributed data grid platforms.


Refer to RadarGun's wiki page for documentation.


The best way to get started with RadarGun is The five-minute tutorial

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