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#ifndef _PROGRAM_H_
#define _PROGRAM_H_
#include "def.h"
#include "platform.h"
#include "loopob.h"
class Program
static const int m_nNameSize = 64;
char m_strName[m_nNameSize];
static const int m_nDirSize = 256;
char m_strDir[m_nDirSize];
int m_nProgramNumber;
static const int m_nFileNameSize = MAX_PATH;
char m_strFile[N_LOOPS][m_nFileNameSize];
class ProgramChanger
void LoadPrograms();
void ProgramChange(int program, LoopOb* m_pLoopOb[N_LOOPS]);
static THREADFUNC loadBackgroundSamplesThread(void*);
int NumPrograms() { return m_nPrograms; }
char* GetProgramName(int n) { if (n >=0 && n < m_nPrograms) return m_Program[n].m_strName; else return NULL; }
Program *m_Program; // Array of Program objects
int m_nPrograms; // Number of programs in m_Program
//! Circular queue of samples to load. Alternates between
// char* for filename and LoopOb* for the object it should
// be loaded into.
void* m_pLoadingQueue[20];
// Read and write pointers for m_pLoadingQueue
int m_nLoadingQueueR;
int m_nLoadingQueueW;
// Handle to thread handling sample loading. Thread will be created
// if m_hThread is NULL. Thread should set m_hThread to NULL before
// exiting.
HTHREAD m_hThread;
#endif // _PROGRAM_H_
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